Thursday, December 19, 2013

One more day!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers this morning!  We arrived at Boston Children's this morning and it was very weird going in as outpatient, rather than inpatient.

Surprisingly, Grace did not need an echo this morning (it was a mistake on the discharge paperwork since she just had one less than a week ago).  She just had an X-Ray (which looked the same, if not better than before), an EKG, blood pressure check, and a check of oxgyen saturations (which was at 98%, which is great).  Grace's cardiologist, Dr. Marx, mentioned that he continues to be perplexed by Grace and has learned a lot from her case.  He is very surprised to see how quickly and how well she responded to having a new valve, and so are we.  Glory be to the Lord because He is the only reason and explanation for her recovery!

Grace was worn out from her appointment and ready for a nap right when we got back to the hotel

It's me-  As I've mentioned before, I have a hard time not editing David's post whenever I read it because it doesn't seem to communicate the level of emotion behind some of details :-).  It certainly isn't a flaw about David, in fact I love the way that God created Him.  For one, he is far less emotional than I am which serves us well during the craziness of our lives, therefore, he communicates with less emotion (that is probably a trait of most men versus woman and I'm confident God has great purpose for that difference in all of our lives).  For instance, David mentioned that Grace's oxygen saturations were "great" at 98% and her chest x-ray being "the same or better than her last one" didn't even get an adjective :-)….  I would say that they are phenomenal and unbelievable!  Oh! Another huge praise is that Grace pooped before her appointment today!

Now that we got that settled, here is an update on the Ross roller coaster…  Praise the Lord, Abby had her last dose of Tylenol before going to bed last night and has been fever free since the middle of the night (yes, I took her temperature about 5 times in the middle of the night/morning with the temporal thermometer :-).  I bought a new thermometer today, so now I can check their temperatures on the forehead, armpit, and orally.  I really wanted another one to compare my old faithful thermometer to, in an effort to ensure that I was getting accurate reads.  Poor Grace (and David), I use to take her temperature multiple times a day just for fun, now I'm armed with two temperature checkers!  So far, Andrew and I have not caught the yuckies, please, please, please pray that we stay well (and David and Gracie too)!  Please also continue to pray that Abigail's fever doesn't make a surprise reappearance.

We got to FaceTime with David and Grace this evening and it was such a blessing to see Grace's personality back in full effect!  She was quite the charmer as she ran through all of her tricks, giving us lots of kisses (especially my new favorite Mickey Mouse kisses)!  She even showed us her new "seashells" (teeth).  When her first top tooth was coming in (last time that David and I were in Boston together) it looked like a little seashell coming through and for some reason it cracked us up whenever we would talk about the "seashell." We can't wait to get our hands on our little Gracie Doo (and Daddy too)!  The enemy has been working overtime in our lives lately, will you please pray for HEALTH, a seamless preparation, departure, vacation, and return from Boston?

Thank you, sweet village!  We have certainly felt your prayers!  Please keep them coming :-)

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Julie Wigle said...

You are right..the enemy has been in full force with you all, and it's not working, because your faith is unwavering! I'm so proud of you all and so excited for your vacation! No more fevers…mkay?! The roller coaster is too much for me over here!