Friday, December 6, 2013

5th open heat surgery… check!

It's Kristi-  David is going for a walk to get some fresh air while he waits to see Grace (hopefully sometime in the next hour).

 Praising God that Grace got a melody valve for Christmas!  Dr. Pigula came out to talk to David and it sounds like everything went well.  He was able to place the melody valve at a size of 14mm, which is twice the size of her old native valve, hopefully this will make her heart and lungs much happier.  As David previously mentioned, the next 48 hours are really critical, so please pray for a seamless recovery, that she's back to being her sweet self as soon as possible and that she STAYS that way.  No more funny business :-).

Check out this little sweetie right before going in for her 5th open heart surgery…

Another praise is that my Dad is doing well.  It sounds like the plan is to get him to the Medical Center (that is really the best place for a high risk patient like my Dad) on Monday to have a heart catheter done to address the blockage that is giving him trouble.  

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The Keierleber Family said...

Gorgeous girl!! Praying 5th time is the charm! :)