Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost echo time...

It seems like this "wait a week plan" has taken awhile, but the echo has finally almost close, yet so far.  Grace is supposed to have her echo sometime between 8:00-9:00am tomorrow.  In speaking with Grace's surgeon today, he mentioned that tomorrow's echo would give a lot more information as to what the plan should be.  In the past, he has been very hesitant to recognize that a valve replacement was imminent, but in light of how Grace has done this past week (vomitting, desatting, need for increased oxygen, and fluid on her lungs), he was a lot more prepared to discuss that as a likelihood today. He stated that ideally, if we lived in Boston, they would like to just keep a close eye on her and see how she does, but....we live in Texas, not Boston. He stated that after the results from the echo he would speak with our cardiologist and discuss what the plan should be, but if we go towards the replacement, then he would either use a melody valve or a pig valve.  We have always felt like the melody valve would make the most sense (despite the fact that it's not intended to be put in the mitral valve position, but it is something that only BCH is doing and has placed about 20 to date) in large part because it can be ballooned in the cath lab (which means that, as Grace grows, they should be able to expand the diameter of the valve via catheter instead of having to replace it sooner), but more than what seems to make sense to us, we desire for God's will to be done above all.  Please pray for wisdom for Grace's cardiologist and surgeon as they plan for Grace's care and that God would align our hearts with His will.  

BTW- this is a tag team post because David wrote about his conversation with Grace's surgeon today, I clarified what exactly he was talking about, and I added a picture.  I think that boys have a tendency to underestimate the value of a picture :-).

Abby and Grace both wore matching bows today!

Loving and appreciating y'all more than you can imagine!!!

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The Keierleber Family said...

Praying for the plan to be OBVIOUS and that many decisions do not need to be debated. Clear answers, please Lord!