Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prayer request

Thank you for sharing in our joy of Grace being released from the hospital yesterday and Kristi and the kids flying out to Boston tomorrow!  It is because of the fact that they are flying out tomorrow that I am sending out this prayer request. Abigail was sent home from the school this morning with a temperature of 101.6 (in the ear) and it was 100.4 when she got home (on the forehead). She doesn't have any other symptoms right now, other than feeling a little sluggish.  Will you please pray that whatever she has is not serious and will go away quickly?  Will you also pray for wisdom for Kristi and I on what we should do about them flying out tomorrow?  It would not be good for Grace to get sick, so please pray for protection for her, and for our whole family. 

Thank you!

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Julie Wigle said...

Praying that it will be gone soon so you can be together ASAP! Also thinking of you David as you entertain Grace in the hotel room! :)