Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our trip to California...

We started our trip off with a surprise 30th birthday party for David which was a ton of fun, but I don't have pictures to post as I some how forgot to take pictures. However, Mary (the ultimate party planner) did take some, so please stay tuned for more pics:)

We had a GREAT time at Disneyland with Nana Lu Lu, Papa and KK!!! Abigail loved seeing her favorite characters from Play House Disney and Andrew seemed to love the rides that he went on too! As you can see Andrew is still an amateur at the spend 11 hours at Disneyland thing, so Papa Toot and Grandma Crack/Wrigley were kind enough to come pick him up to take him home for a real nap:) On the way to meet his parents (to hand off Andrew), David made sure that Andrew didn't miss out on the family tradition of trying on funny hats (poor guy)!

Toot and Crack certainly won the hearts of both Abigail and Andrew this week! Andrew is going through a bout with separation anxiety (from David and I) so there is no doubt that they earned their "Top Notch Grandparents Badge" with all the babysitting that they did. Ed even watched both kids Sunday morning (all by himself) while Mary went to church to play the organ (when we got home Andrew was sleeping peacefully for his morning nap and Abigail was all smiles, playing with Toot:). You know that they are loved, when every time we get in the car with Abigail to go some where she says that she wants to go back to Toot and Crack's house. As you can see Abigail especially loved water bottle (not water gun:) fights with Crack:)

MJ and Vanessa Joseph's wedding was AMAZING! Abigail and I were both so honored and grateful to be a part of their special day! We were SO proud of our little hunny, as she did such a great job as a flower girl (I had a hard time holding it together when I saw her walking down the isle, like such a big girl, just like we had been practicing)!