Monday, March 27, 2017

When it rains, it hails...

Update on Grace's appointment and Andrew:

***When it rains...  it hails!  Grace's gradient across her mitral valve was almost double what it's been :-(.  Her cardiologist said that she doesn't want to make decisions based on one reading (there's always a chance her body is still recovering from the illness she had a week and a half ago or she is about to get sick and her heart is just showing early signs of that), so we are going to recheck her gradient in a month.  If it's still high, we will have to go to Boston to have her valve dilated.  David made the joke that one of us might have to take Grace to Boston and the other take Andrew to Iowa and Abigail would come with one of us.  Dear Lord, please don't let that be the case!  That is not the least bit funny to me, who needs to keep her man and little chicks together as much as possible.  In the event you don't know us personally, let me let you in on a little secret...  In only God's strength, David is the rock of this family.  That guy is unwavering in his faith, has a way of seeing everything through God's eyes, and shepherds our family through the toughest of times with such grace, confidence, and dependance on the Lord (it can seriously only be a big, giant, amazing, awesome God that is responsible for equipping him to do such a difficult, sometimes impossible job).  It is for this reason I can't imagine taking any of the kids for any sort of scans or treatment without him.  Will you please pray that God would work out and bless all of the details?

***Andrew continues to have excruciating pain that has the ability to break the girls (me, Abigail, and Grace) down because we hate to see him suffer and have no way to take away his pain.  Don't get me wrong, it's hard for David to watch too, he just doesn't cry along with Andrew like we do ;-).  David called University of Iowa again today to let them know we just got news that we may need to take one of our other children to Boston for an intervention soon, so we would really appreciate a call back from them with some insight as to when they would like us to come out and what our next steps need to be.  That was at about 3:45 pm today and we have not heard back yet.  Will you please continue to pray that the Lord would make His will clear, take care of all of the details, and we would have peace in the process?

Y'all continue to blow our minds with your kindness and generosity!  We can't thank you enough for constantly reminding us that you are in this battle with us and that we aren't alone.  THANK YOU!!!

"We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.  In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name."  Psalm 33:20-21


Saturday, March 25, 2017


Quick update...

I really wish I had more of an update, but unfortunately... I don't.  I guess my no update is the update!

-We have been praying, and remaining as patient as possible, as parents desperate to hear back from the one place which might be able to help their boy in this battle for his life!  The Dr in Iowa was out of town all week last week, so we had hoped and anticipated hearing from her on Monday...  Monday came and went, so did Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now Friday :-(.  We have called the Dr's nurse twice this week and emailed once and nothing.  We are holding onto hope that for some reason God is allowing this delay.  I'm trying to fight the temptation to fear that the reason for the delay is because they have reviewed Andrew's images, pathology report, etc and don't feel like they can help him in this battle.  We have felt like the Lord was leading us to Iowa, but we can't help but wonder if for some reason God is closing that door in some way.  We want a team of Dr's who are led by the Lord in wisdom and skill, passionate, and hopeful in treating Andrew.  Will you please pray that we would not get ahead of God, He would lead us clearly, and that we would rest in the shadow of His wing?

-While we've been heavily focused on Andrew's battle, we are reminded this coming week that Grace's battle continues too.  For those not familiar with Grace's journey, you can go to the very beginning of the blog, I started it when Grace was born.  Grace has a cardiology appointment on Monday to measure the gradient across her mitral valve.  If the gradient has gone up and/or any other area of her heart looks strained, we will have to go back to Boston for another dilation.  Will you please pray that on Monday's echo, Grace's heart looks super happy and there is no need for any intervention anytime in the near future (even better... not for a long time ;-)?

A new, precious, generous, and talented friend took pictures of our family as a way to document the beginning of this journey.  I typically hate taking family pictures because it's just too much work, so this time I had very low expectations because I didn't pick out everyone's outfits until just before we left for our photo session, we didn't take much time getting ready because we were all exhausted, and it was a wildcard as to if Andrew was going to have tummy pain or what kind of mood Grace would be in.  In fact, as we were driving down the street to meet our photographer, I look over at David and he is wearing a random shirt, not the one we had discussed (I guess he thought we did discuss that shirt) and it didn't really match what the rest of the family was wearing, so we had to turn around for a last minute outfit change (I, David, edit the blog every week before it is posted and as I do so now, I am fighting the temptation to defend myself; however, I will not make a fool of myself and just state, I misunderstood the options;).  We were pleasantly surprised that the photo session was super low stress and in some ways even fun.  Our photographer captured our raw, beautiful, and exhausted hearts in such a way that makes these my favorite photos we have taken as a family yet.  They tell such a story!  Thank you so much, Courtney Griffin!!!  If you need a great photographer and amazing person to capture your families heart, you can find her on facebook under Courtney Griffin Photography.

***Before we left for our photo session, we did a family devotional and prayer (each of us prayed).  Andrew prayed first and left me confessing to the Lord that my boy's faith was bigger than mine at that moment.  In his prayer, he praised the Lord for how powerful He is and said "God, I know you are a big God and nothing is too hard for you, so I pray that you would heal me from cancer, but I also know your will is what is best, so if you don't, I know that is what is best."  Abigail prayed next and echoed Andrew's prayer...  by then I was fighting back tears as I witnessed the raw, humble, faithful, and steadfast prayers of my little people, which God used to both break my heart and bolster my spirit all at the same time.  What a simple and profound reminder of how big God is, only He could work in the hearts of little people in such rich ways.

***In case Andrew ministers to you like he does me, here is one more (of many) stories about comments Andrew makes that start with "if God calls me home early or at a young age..."  On our way home from a Dr appointment last week, Andrew asked me how many stages there are of cancer.  I tried to soften the answer as much as possible, but being honest, I stated the fact that there are only 4 stages and he has stage 4.  He asked what all the different stages meant, so I explained it.  I took a deep breath as I prepared to help him process the information I had just shared, but he beat me to it, saying "if I had stage 1 cancer, the Dr's could easily just take it out and that would be it, so maybe God let me have stage 4 because it will be a long hard battle and that way He can use me to minister to more people and He will get more glory?"  Again, as I fought back tears, all I could say is "I couldn't agree with you more, Buddy!  God is so good!  I'm so proud of you!"

***UPDATE- We now know what sent us to the ER last weekend, with Andrew having shortness of breath...  an anxiety attack :-(.  It happened again this week at school (him having shortness of breath) and the school nurse helped me identify what it was.  Between her and the school counselor, they were able to help him through it and within 15 minutes or so, he was back in class.  Praise the Lord for answers and the amazing staff at his school that helped us identify the problem and solution for how to handle it when it comes on.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dearest Soldiers...

Dearest Soldiers of Andrew's Army!

We want to express how deeply we are touched by your love and generosity!  I often times catch myself imagining how I would thank each of you personally, what it would be like to hug your neck and thank you for the specific way in which you have blessed us.  It has been our intention and desire to get thank you cards out at some point, but I'm realizing our limitations (we are in survival mode much of the time and any free time we have we try to be purposeful about pouring into the kids).  We pray y'all understand that while you may not get a personal Thank You card, not one prayer, meal, gift, word of encouragement, gift card, fundraiser, monetary donation, meeting needs we didn't even know we had, etc has gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  Instead, your thoughtfulness has been a GIGANTIC source of encouragement, serving as a tangible reminder that God's got this, we are not alone, you are in this battle with us!  God has used you to sustain us like in Philemon 1:7 "Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the 
hearts of the saints."

As we begin our assent of Mt. Everest with God as our Sherpa, we are praying that along this journey, surgery and new medical advancements (specifically PRRT) will be an option for Andrew (big prayers that Andrew's tumors have the necessary receptors to make this treatment an option). PRRT is a treatment that has been very effective in adults with neuroendocrine tumors; however, it is not FDA approved in the US yet (and I don't know that it has ever been done on a child as young as Andrew before); therefore, the treatment is not covered by insurance requiring people to go to Holland, Switzerland, or Germany (where it is approved) which means paying for an expensive treatment, travel to get there, etc. Your generous donations are freeing us to focus on taking the best care of our boy (and the rest of our family) as possible without worrying as much about the financial implications. That is a priceless gift, so please accept our deepest thanks and gratitude! 

P.S.- Thank you also for remembering our girls (Abigail and Grace) through this journey, this is super hard on them too! (((GIANT HUGS)))

Andrew's Army on three...  1-2-3....!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Painfully Beautiful...

Our dearest Andrew's Army-  I want to give y'all an update on how everyone (especially Andrew) is doing physically, emotionally, and spiritually, however some of our recent conversations with the kids (that I want to share with y'all) are so painfully beautiful that it's hard for me to pluck away at the keyboard and relive them this soon.  I know that probably sounds a little strange, but I just don't feel like my heart can go there again at this moment, so David is going to do today's update.

David here...

For starters, we are blown away by everyone's support.  Kristi and I wish we were able to personally thank each of you for the way in which you have come alongside of us.  One day soon, we hope to have a blog post just about how amazing Andrew's Army has been to our family.  We truly feel as though we have an army on our side right now and your efforts help us to feel as though somehow all of this is doable.  I love the manner in which God works in and through people, whether you believe in Him or not, that won't stop Him from using you to be a blessing to someone (and right now that someone is us); therefore, we are, at the same time, grateful to all of you and grateful to God for His grace and provision.  Thank you!

This week, Andrew began his second chemotherapy drug on Sunday and has been tolerating it rather well.  The only side effects we seem to have noticed is him feeling extremely tired and nauseous at night time (it has only resulted in vomiting a couple times), but he has been able to tolerate it rather well.  We also feel, particularly since beginning this second chemo drug, there has been a very small improvement on the frequency of him needing pain medication.  We have been able to go from five hours to six hours in between each dose of pain medication (two nights ago, he went 10 hours), as well as being able to slightly reduce his dose (at least during the daytime).  These might seem small, but we are hoping it is evidence the two medications are doing what they are supposed to be doing and are reducing the size of the tumors and lymph nodes.

One of the hidden blessings of this experience is the growth we get to see in our kids, in both their maturity and their faith.  When we were going through all the crazy stuff with Grace 3 years ago, we were able to experience the same thing; however, since the kids are older, their questions and understanding of everything is really amazing.  We have realized, especially with Abigail (who is almost 10) that just giving a simple answer to her questions doesn't quite cut it.  When we try to give a simple answer, she continues asking more in-depth questions until she feels satisfied that she is truly receiving an authentic and full answer.  We also know Abigail, who is a rule follower all the way, and honesty is something we have grilled into the kids ever since they were little as being a non-negotiable; therefore, we realize we have to be honest with her, otherwise she would feel betrayed in the long run if we tried to shelter her from the hard stuff now, only for her to possibly be caught off guard and experience the tough stuff later on.  For this reason, we have been honest with Abigail and answered her questions, when she has been ready to ask them, especially as she has inquired about long-term prognosis.  By God's grace, Abigail has handled these conversations like a rock star. (considering the depth of the situation).  She understands the worst case scenario and there is a possibility that could be just a few years away, but even better than that, she understands and has faith in an awesome God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond what we ask or think; therefore, she has hope in who God is and what God can do and she doesn't limit Him to what the doctors state as being the prognosis.  With that said, it doesn't mean that watching tears stream down her face often, as she shares her heart and fears, isn't one of the toughest things to walk your child through.  Her feelings are raw and real and there is nothing we as parents can do to take her pain away, however we continue to point her to the one who can comfort her broken heart, shut up the "what if" monster, and produce something beautiful out of the heartache.  We talk and practice often how to implement Philippians 4:8, setting our mind on what is pure, lovely, just, and praiseworthy, when the "what if" monster comes out of nowhere and tackles you.

In regards to the conversations we had with Andrew, that little man blew our socks off two nights ago.  I had just put Grace to bed and came out to everyone sitting at the dinner table and Kristi answering Andrew's question about what would happen to Grace  if she doesn't have the ability to understand that Jesus died on the cross for her sins.  She did a great job of reassuring him that, one, Grace is smart and we truly believe she will be able to grasp that she is a sinner in need of a Savior and, two, even if she somehow was not able to understand, that God is gracious and merciful and He will not condemn her because she is not able to understand.  That conversation went on to other questions about Heaven and then Andrew stated (with tears in his eyes), "I should probably stop playing at recess and spend more time talking with _______ about God, just in case I die soon from cancer."  Kristi and Andrew both began crying and Kristi scooped him up and told him how proud she was to be his mom, that he was her hero, and all sorts of good stuff.  Andrew then went on to ask more questions about Heaven and stated, through tears, that he is a little worried about dying because we won't be in Heaven with him, so how is he supposed to know where to go when he gets there.  I am usually pretty solid when I am around Kristi and the kids, but even I couldn't contain the tears.  We praise God for Andrew's faith and his willingness to express these thoughts and worries.  That was simultaneously a difficult conversation to have and a beautiful conversation to have.  This is the new reality of our life.  The reality that Andrew's death is potentially imminent, but hopefully distant (praying it's really distant).  However, I guess that is the likelihood for everyone, or at least, it is the manner in which we should live our lives.  Nobody is promised another day; each day is a blessing from the Lord.  In a weird way, we have been give the opportunity to keep that truth on the forefront of our mind each and everyday.  It does impact the way we live and think.

In case you aren't on Facebook, here is Andrew as JFK for his Famous Americans play at school this week.

Abigail's 4th grade class had a Writers Tea where each child got to share one of their favorite writings.  Abigail chose to read hers about someone important to her, God.  One of her precious friends and sisters in Christ chose to write about Abigail as their important person.

Meanwhile, Grace continues to be loved well by her teachers and friends at school.  She loves that place and so do we!

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My daddy is modeling the shirt for you ;-)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More question marks...

Well, the plot thickens.... David spoke to Andrew's TCH Oncologist this morning and the two day scan they did this week did not yield any results (nor did the scan last week).  Apparently, 20% of these tumors don't take up the dye from the Octreoscan, so that just adds more questions marks behind Andrew's already crazy rare diagnosis.  We remain confident that God has got this, He has a plan, and we will hope in Him always.  God has been working on my heart big time, helping me confront the foot holds that I give the enemy far too often.  He has helped me unclench my hands and say "Your will God, not mine."  When I'm feeling anxious and broken, is when I find myself holding on with clinched fists to what I want and how I want God to answer my prayers.  It is a moment by moment effort to purposefully and proactively approach the throne with open hands, trusting that my Heavenly Daddy's thoughts are nothing like my thoughts and His ways are far beyond anything I can imagine (I know this because Isaiah 55:8 says so).

Since this isn't our first rodeo (hence our journey with Grace), we have been praying the Lord would lead us where He wants us to go for treatment/second, third, fourth opinions, etc and it seems as though He may be leading us to Iowa for a third opinion.  University of Iowa is the only center that has been awarded the title "center of excellence" for the treatment of NET's (neuroendocrine tumors).  There is a husband and wife team there that run their program.  The husband is over the adult side and the wife over the pediatric.  The wife's name is Dr. Sue O'Dorisio and she has been absolutely amazing in her willingness to communicate with us via phone and e-mail, sharing her opinion and inviting us to Iowa if we would like their assistance.  Prior to getting the results (or lack there of) of this weeks scan, our plan was to head to Iowa after Andrew completes 2-3 months of chemo to do a Gallium PET scan (which is a scan performed there, and is not available at our local hospitals, and is more sensitive than the other tests available) and discuss the next best steps, but we are now wondering if we need to head to Iowa sooner than the original plan.  Will you please join us in praying that God would lead us exactly where and when He wants us to go and that we would have the courage to say "yes, Lord" to whatever He calls us to?  Will you also please just pray for Andrew like he is your own son?

Last night was a very rough night, as Andrew suffered for hours from excruciating pain to the point we contemplated many times in the middle of the night if we needed to take him to the ER for morphine.  In addition to the tummy pain, he vomited as a side effect from chemotherapy.  All that to say, will you please pray for pain relief and rest for our whole family?  Thank you!!!!!!!!

After Andrew got a blood draw and the dye for the scan injected on Monday, we had to wait 4 hours until the scan, so we headed to the zoo for a couple hours.

Headed back for the scan after a long day.  The chemotherapy has wiped this sweet boy out.

We love you, every member of Andrew's Army!!!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Update since starting chemo...

UPDATE:  Andrew started chemo on Friday night, so far so good in terms of side effects (praise the Lord).  He is still dealing with excruciating tummy pain (especially at night).  Will you please continue to pray for a resolution of tummy pain and that God would use the chemotherapy to work exceedingly, abundantly, and beyond anything the Dr's ever imagined in reducing the size of the pancreatic tumor, lymph nodes, and liver tumors?  Please also pray that the Lord would give the Dr's wisdom on how to best treat Andrew and they would not ever give up hope on him?  While we are asking God to show up and show off big time, will you please also pray the cancer hasn't spread any further and that God would lead us to a surgeon who can successfully remove the tumor on his pancreas without the need of a Whipple procedure (because the Whipple procedure is so risky and and it is so important that they remove the primary source sooner than later)?

I have been experiencing more peace over the past day and a half as the Lord continues to work on my heart.. big time (again, I had to learn the same lesson with Grace), drawing me to a place where I can leave my (His) boy on the alter before the Lord (figuratively speaking, meaning I surrender Andrew to whatever God says is best) and trust that God's will is better than mine (even if it's not at all what I want).  What that DOES NOT mean is that we give up a bit of hope, stop continually asking/begging the Lord to heal Andrew, giving him a long, healthy life, or we don't fight for his life with all that we have (in God's strength of course)!  The elephant that has been sitting on my chest for the past week has morphed into more of a gorilla which is a huge improvement.  Isaiah 40:31- Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.

I don't like posts with a lot of words and no pictures, so in case you are like me...

Just a couple warriors snuggling in the morning!

I can't leave out this little warrior who is fierce in all she does, especially if that means standing up for her siblings.  On Friday night, there was boy who was bullying Andrew, physically knocking him down on purpose, while they were playing a game.  Abigail sprung into action, telling him he better not touch her brother again, to which he got up on his tippy toes to make himself even taller than her while glaring at her in an attempt to be intimidating.  I asked her if she was scared and she laughed and said "no!"  I thought to myself, that poor boy had no idea what type of little ninja he was dealing with. Mama Bear might have also made an appearance (a God-honoring one) to make sure there wouldn't be any more of that shenanigans ;-)

***Andrew's Army, If you would like an Andrew's Army t-shirt, you can order one here!

Thank you for ALL of your support!  We couldn't do it without y'all!  

Friday, March 3, 2017

Prayer warrior meeting...

Quick prayer warrior meeting...  bring it in close Andrew's Army!

-Lord willing, Andrew will start his oral chemo therapy tonight (as soon as the package with his medication arrives on our door step).  Will you please pray that God would unleash His healing power through those pills and that they would get busy eradicating the cancer in my sweet boys body?  Will you pray that they see results with this therapy that they have never seen before... healing, beyond healing that can only be explained by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

-I had to pick Andrew up from school early yesterday because he was having such awful tummy pain that the pain medication wasn't helping.  We ended up having to give him an adult dose of his pain meds twice yesterday.  His pain was so bad last night and the medication took so looming time to finally work that we called his drys and they said if we couldn't control his pain then we needed to take him to the ER for IV morphine :-(.  Praise God that didn't end up being necessary, but the pain is definitely increasing in frequency and intensity (likely because of the lymph nodes growing).  Will you please pray that in the name of Jesus his pain would resolve with the chemo therapy?

-I'm picking Andrew up early to take him to MD Anderson for some blood work that will help them do research on his tumor in hopes that it will provide us with more information about his tumor and hopefully give us some better direction.  Will you please pray for wisdom and skill for the researchers (one in particular that I'm certain God sent into our lives to keep us on our feet during this crazy painful journey) and Andrew's team of dr's?  Will you please pray that they are filled with wisdom, skill, and hope that can only come from the Lord (who knows every cell in Andrew's body and how to fix the sick ones).

-Lastly, will you please pray that Andrew (and the rest of us) would remain strong and courageous in the Lord?  Also, that God would continue to reveal His hand in every detail and those times when we struggle to see His hand, we would trust His heart?

*** Our Campbell Elementary/Greatwood (our community) family is standing in the gap for our family in ways that truly blow our minds.  All three kids got to make a Build a Bear together (which was a fun family event) and Andrew gets to take his bear to school, so it can sit in his chair (in class) when he is out of school for dr's appointments, in the hospital, etc.  Also, everyone in the school is rockin Andrew's Army bracelets.  Both of these acts of love have blessed my boys heart (and Abby's too) in a giant way which in turn blesses this heartbroken momma's heart.

I didn't have time to proof read or edit this post, so I hope it makes sense and isn't full of errors ;-)

Andrew's Army, we have our battle gear on so lets charge Mt. Everest with the best and most powerful sherpa as our guide!  Love you guys!!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Agh! but God is moving...

Well, we had a scan, but it was the wrong scan :-(.  The dye ordered was not for the test the Dr. had ordered; therefore, after a 2 hour scan, we don't have anymore answers in terms of whether cancer has spread beyond what is already known.  While David and I were initially very discouraged by this information, we are certain that for some reason the Lord allowed it to happen, so we will roll with it.  In more encouraging news, Andrew's oncologist at TCH walked into the room today having consulted many specialists (to include adult and pediatric oncologists at other centers, surgery, etc) and had a plan, for which we really appreciate.  The truth is, we are still standing at the foot of a mountain the size of Mt. Everest, but in God's strength and for His glory we will scale that mountain one step at a time, while storming the gates of heaven with prayer.  At this point, the surgeons don't think their is value in doing surgery on the pancreas now because it would entail a MAJOR operation called a whipple (it's no joke, you can google it) and that risk doesn't make sense until we know how to go about addressing the liver tumors.  The number one priority is to address Andrew's pain, so the thought is that by shrinking the tumor on the pancreas it "should" alleviate his pain.  Therefore, Andrew will start chemo therapy as soon as our insurance approves it (hopefully that will be by Monday).  He will do chemotherapy 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for two rounds and then they will rescan him in two months to see if the chemo therapy is working in shrinking the tumors.  HUGE PRAYER REQUEST:  Will you please pray without ceasing that the chemo would shrink the tumor and lymph nodes radically (to the point that it would blow the Dr's minds and God would be the only explanation).  The hope is that if we can shrink the tumors and lymph nodes adequately and confirm that there isn't cancer anywhere else in his body, which will be revealed on next week's scan, then live transplant may be an option.  HUGE PRAYER REQUEST:  Please pray that the two part scan Andrew has next week (the one that we were actually suppose to have today) on Tuesday and Wednesday does not reveal cancer anywhere else in his body (they will be especially looking at the lymph node by his aorta).  If these two goals are accomplished (no cancer elsewhere in the body and the chemo successfully shrinks the tumors and lymph nodes), we can talk about removing the tumor on the pancreas and lymph nodes (it may still involve the need for a whipple procedure, but it would be worth it if it meant it could get us to the next step) and Lord willing, prove there isn't any cancer in his body outside of the liver, he may be eligible for a liver transplant.  SO many things have to go perfectly for all of these steps to actually come to fruition and every single one of them are completely out of our control, but totally not out of God's control.

STOP AND PRAY AT 4:00 PLEASE! Our Oncologist is meeting with the surgeon that is the head of liver transplant at 4:00 today (please stop and pray for this meeting now) to find out what the criteria would need to be in order to get Andrew a new liver.  Will you please, please, please pray that the criteria isn't set out of reach for Andrew (meaning goals that we can't meet)?  That we would, by God's grace, be eligible for transplant some day!

At this point, we couldn't be more pleased and grateful for how Andrew's Oncologist at TCH is handling our case, so both David and I feel a huge sense of peace receiving treatment and care there and still consulting MD Anderson along the way (our TCH Oncologist is in full support of talking to as many specialists as possible) to make sure they don't have any other suggestions.  Since Andrew's cancer is so rare, we are taking an all hands on deck approach.  David even spoke to the head of the pediatric NET program in Iowa yesterday to get her opinion (at which time he learned that our Dr had already reached out to her to get her opinion... love that).  We just want to go where God leads us and at this point we feel good about staying at TCH (while consulting with MD Anderson) until He says otherwise.

There are two other stories (not medical related) that I would love to share with y'all as further evidence of God's goodness and faithfulness during this time, but I will save that for next time in an effort to keep this post short and to the point (short for me ;-)

Please don't take your foot off of the prayer gas pedal!  God hears our prayers and we feel lifted up by your prayers every step of the way.  Thank you for being a faithful member of Andrew's Army, we can't imagine this journey without you!  Holding on to the hope that does not disappoint!  God is able!