Friday, March 3, 2017

Prayer warrior meeting...

Quick prayer warrior meeting...  bring it in close Andrew's Army!

-Lord willing, Andrew will start his oral chemo therapy tonight (as soon as the package with his medication arrives on our door step).  Will you please pray that God would unleash His healing power through those pills and that they would get busy eradicating the cancer in my sweet boys body?  Will you pray that they see results with this therapy that they have never seen before... healing, beyond healing that can only be explained by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

-I had to pick Andrew up from school early yesterday because he was having such awful tummy pain that the pain medication wasn't helping.  We ended up having to give him an adult dose of his pain meds twice yesterday.  His pain was so bad last night and the medication took so looming time to finally work that we called his drys and they said if we couldn't control his pain then we needed to take him to the ER for IV morphine :-(.  Praise God that didn't end up being necessary, but the pain is definitely increasing in frequency and intensity (likely because of the lymph nodes growing).  Will you please pray that in the name of Jesus his pain would resolve with the chemo therapy?

-I'm picking Andrew up early to take him to MD Anderson for some blood work that will help them do research on his tumor in hopes that it will provide us with more information about his tumor and hopefully give us some better direction.  Will you please pray for wisdom and skill for the researchers (one in particular that I'm certain God sent into our lives to keep us on our feet during this crazy painful journey) and Andrew's team of dr's?  Will you please pray that they are filled with wisdom, skill, and hope that can only come from the Lord (who knows every cell in Andrew's body and how to fix the sick ones).

-Lastly, will you please pray that Andrew (and the rest of us) would remain strong and courageous in the Lord?  Also, that God would continue to reveal His hand in every detail and those times when we struggle to see His hand, we would trust His heart?

*** Our Campbell Elementary/Greatwood (our community) family is standing in the gap for our family in ways that truly blow our minds.  All three kids got to make a Build a Bear together (which was a fun family event) and Andrew gets to take his bear to school, so it can sit in his chair (in class) when he is out of school for dr's appointments, in the hospital, etc.  Also, everyone in the school is rockin Andrew's Army bracelets.  Both of these acts of love have blessed my boys heart (and Abby's too) in a giant way which in turn blesses this heartbroken momma's heart.

I didn't have time to proof read or edit this post, so I hope it makes sense and isn't full of errors ;-)

Andrew's Army, we have our battle gear on so lets charge Mt. Everest with the best and most powerful sherpa as our guide!  Love you guys!!!

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