About Us

We are a family that loves the Lord beyond measure and are grateful for the incredible journey that He has us on. Our family is made up of David (the world's best Husband and Daddy), Kristi, Abigail (our 5 year old daughter who has the sweetest heart you could imagine), Andrew (our 3 year old son who has an incredibly sweet heart and happens to be the funniest person I know) and the newest addition.... Grace (she was born on Aug. 27th and is currently in the CVICU at Texas Children's Hospital).


Yolanda Hughes said...

The Ross family is my family. Praying for Grace's Wholeness. Blessings and Peace. Love to you.

RTOY said...

Hello Ross family,

I am a friend of Judy Shin. I told her that we would be able to host you in Denver. The only problem might be for you is that we have 2 cats. Please contact me through my gmail sign in information.