Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Making progress

Grace has been continuing to make progress today.  The two biggest concerns, which were her vomiting and drainage in her chest tubes have greatly improved today.  Two days ago, Grace drained 360 mL from her chest tube; yesterday, it was down to 290 mL; and today, she has only drained 36 mL up to this point.  If she finishes the day like this, she will most likely be able to have her chest tube removed tomorrow.  Praise God!  To get an idea as to why that is such a big praise, Grace's cardiologist ordered an echo on her this morning because he was concerned that she might have a blood clot in her vena cava, which would have been causing so much drainage.  Thankfully, the echo did not reveal anything in Grace's heart.  Also, Grace's vomiting has drastically decreased today as well.  In addition, Grace is down to just an eighth of a liter in oxygen for respiratory support.  All these improvements and Grace is only four days out of surgery.  

I will post more information tomorrow, as I'm hoping there will be some big changes by the end of the day tomorrow.  Kristi is going to a much needed girl's night tonight, so it's just me posting and Gracie is calling for a bottle right now.  Thank you for continuing to pray for our little G-dog!

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