Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cousins Christmas!

We participated in our 4th Christmas celebration of the year today (we are really trying to drag this thing out :-) and this time it was with "the cousins!"


The rest of the CRAZIES… :-)

Our celebration was blessed with yummy food, game playing, cousins wrestling match, laughs, opening presents, football watching, and lovin' on Gracie (poor lil hunnie is having a bad withdrawal day)!

I loved our gift exchange strategy this year… each family picked the name of another family and bought them a family game.  It's the perfect gift exchange strategy for a family that loves to play games!

We got SORRY! Sliders.  It's super fun, you should try it :-)

Will you please continue to pray that ALL sickness would flee from our house and stay away, far away?  Will you please also continue to pray for Grace's cardiology appointment tomorrow?  She has a sedated echo at 7:30 am and then an appointment with her cardiologist at 8:30 am.  Thank you!!!

GRACIE STRONG (In God's strength)

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