Friday, December 6, 2013

Recovery begins...

Praise God for a successful surgery and we will continue to praise Him for the hope of a good recovery!  Grace is doing well right now and resting peacefully sedated in her crib (at least the ICU team is fully prepared for Grace and know all about her sedation shenanigans). For the most part, Grace's numbers look good, but her Left atrial and right atrial pressures are a little higher than they should be (both are ranging between 8-13), but these numbers are nowhere near the numbers that they were after her last surgery in November. Also, when I spoke with Grace's nurse she stated that those numbers are usually higher when coming out of the OR, but that they should come down over the next few days. Please pray that her LA and RA pressures do come down because if they for some reason went higher like they did before...well, we don't want to consider what the options are then, so let's just hope for this valve replacement to work.

Here is Grace after surgery, notice she's still festive!

It's just me posting tonight. Abigail is at a sleepover tonight for her best friend, Julia's, birthday. Therefore, Kristi is having a date night/sleepover with Andrew and she is going to stay computer-free tonight, as well as try and go to bed when he goes to bed.  

Thank you for praying with us for our sweet little "G Dog" (that's one of the many nicknames we have for Grace)!


The Keierleber Family said...

Praying for an easy recovery, (no funny business missy!), and for her numbers to be PERFECT!

Julie Wigle said...

Thanks for the frequent updates today. So thankful all went well! Praying for a wonderful recovery and those numbers. Love you! I wish I could see Grace and her waves she will soon be doing!!

autumn--esque said...

I'm praying really hard for sweet Grace and Maverick sends his love as well. I'll be honest, for the short 48 hours I knew little Ms. Princess, she sure did leave her mark! I think I've told every person I know about the cutest little girl I've ever met. I hope that the recovery is smooth and that your family is back together soon for the holidays.
Grace, behave please!

Doug said...

David & Kristi, Abigail & Andrew, Keith & Karen, we are praying with you for Grace, for Keith's heart, and for God's comfort and companionship in your loss following the homegoing of VeeBee, our wonderful friend and a faithful servant.

Pastor Doug for Shari and the Bethany family