Monday, December 16, 2013


Freedom!!!  We have been discharged four times from the hospital now, but none of them even come close to comparing to this discharge.  We left the hospital around 1:30pm and were sitting in our hotel room by 2:30pm.  It's definitely weird, I find myself changing diapers and setting them to the side so that they can be weighed by the nurse.  Then, when I realize they don't need to be weighed, I feel like I am doing something wrong when I throw it away.  Another thing, I am so used to telling the nurses when I leave the unit to go downstairs or do anything, so when Grace and I journeyed out of our hotel room, I felt like the right thing to do would have been to call the hotel front desk and let them know that Grace and I were going for a walk, but I don't need to...this is awesome!

Grace is doing great today!  Thank you for praying for poop, Grace had a diaper full today.  I feel like Grace has been so happy since we left the hospital.  It is a big change though.  Grace and I went walking around the mall that is attached to the hospital and Grace was so happy people watching and waving at everyone.  However, at the hospital, everyone noticed Grace and would smile and wave back at her, but in the mall, hardly anyone noticed her even though Grace was waving and blowing raspberries at them to try and get their attention.  Now, we just have to sit and eagerly wait for Kristi and the kids to arrive...not the easiest task we've ever faced.  

Discharging from the hospital was a lot of work.

Grace got a real bath and watched some Elmo before heading off to bed

Thank you for your prayers throughout this journey. While we aren't done yet, this sure is a big step. It's just me, David, posting tonight because Kristi is super busy getting herself and the other two kids packed up for Boston. 

Have a great night and God bless!

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Kathy A. said...

Oh, it is so wonderful to see Gracie with no tubes, wires, or bandages! Freedom indeed! Praying for safe travel for Kristi and the kids and the most wonderfully different Christmas ever! When I told my bible study group tonight that Grace had been released they couldn't believe it. Of course nothing is impossible with God!

:) Aunt Kathy