Saturday, December 14, 2013

All fresh and ready

This is just David tonight!  Kristi is hopefully going to put the kids to bed right now and I'm really hoping that she will fall asleep while putting them to bed, thus getting some much needed rest herself.  Therefore, I'm flying solo on the blog tonight.  Grace continues to head in the right direction.  Today was exciting for her, she got her first real bath since October.  Usually Grace loves bath time, but she was not too happy for her bath today, she fussed the entire time.  But, right when the bath was done, with tears still in her eyes, she scrunched her nose, smiled, and waved at the nurse.  Here is the after bath picture:

The biggest piece of news we got today is that there is a good chance that Grace might be discharged tomorrow.  That news is both exciting and terrifying for us.  On the one hand, we are so ready to bust out of this joint, but on the other hand, we are hesitant because it is safe here.  Whenever we find ourselves feeling weary about the what if's, we remember that God is in control and if we keep our eyes and trust fixed on Him, then we can move forward knowing that He's got us.  There is still a chance that we won't be discharged tomorrow, as Grace continues to vomit with almost every feeding.  We have tried all sorts of different consistencies of her formula and she always responds differently.  In addition, Grace still has her X-Ray tomorrow and we don't know how that is going to look (but, based on how Grace looks and how her chest sounds, I feel pretty good about it).  Will you please pray for Grace's chest X-Ray to look good tomorrow and for her vomiting to get under control?  Also, will you please pray that if there is any reason for the doctor's to hold off on discharging us tomorrow, that our hearts will be in alignment with that decision?  Thank you for continuing to walk with us through this journey, and most importantly, for continuing to pray with us!  If we are discharged tomorrow, Grace and I will be changing our residence from Boston Children's Hospital to a Marriott hotel that is close to here.

Ni-Night everyone!

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We are praying David!