Friday, October 11, 2013

T minus one hour until we get to see our little sweetie!

We just spoke with the surgeon and he successfully closed her VSD (hole between the ventricles), took off her pulmonary band and repaired the pulmonary artery that was a bit damaged from the band (that is common), and he was albe to repair her mital valve without having to replace it (yet :-).  He said that he is "satisfied" with the repair of her mitral valve.  Obviously, I would love to hear that he is super duper excited about it (that would be asking a lot, especailly since I have never met a surgeon that talks like that :-), but I'll take "satisfied" and praise The Lord all day and night.  The goal of this repair of her native mitral valve is to buy us as much time as possible before it needs to be replaced.  2 big prayer requests...  Will you please pray that her body handles her new circulation/repair amazingly well and that her mitral valve wouldn't give her any trouble (I know of a number of kids that have had to have the valve replaced just a couple weeks after having their native valve repaired because the child goes downhill shortly after surgery)?  We are beyond excited to go see our sweet Gracie Doo, but it is also one of the hardest parts of this journey, seeing your little angel all beat up after surgery (especially since we handed over a healthy (well, healthy for Grace :-), joyful, smiley little girl just 8 hours ago).  Thank you Village!!!  Now comes the next tough part of this adventure... recovery, but we trust that you will pray us through it and God will be in control :-)

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Julie Wigle said...

Praying that Grace is okay after her surgery and you are still feeling the peace of God's love (and ours)!