Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Post op day 5...

Grace had a good day today!  We are praising the Lord that she seems to be tolerating her feeds via the ng tube (tube in her nose that dumps the food into her belly) pretty well and she is getting her spunk back.  She is actually smiling some and back to her rascally ways...  The second David takes his eyes off of her, she rolls onto her tummy and then smiles about it (she's on sternal precaution, so she isn't suppose to be on her tummy).  Grace also got a visit from a therapy dog today.  She was interested in looking at him, but NOT touching him (or getting too close).

Her face says it all...

I miss David and Grace terribly, but fortunately Abigail and Andrew are world class snugglers and know how to make their Mamma smile through the heartache.

Village, will you please pray specifically that...
-Grace tolerates oral feeds exceptionally well (no dry heaving or throwing up), they are starting them back up tomorrow
-her chest x-ray improves and shows less fluid on her lungs
-Friday's echo results show a healthy heart and that God would get all of the glory!
-we would praise God for the blessings right in front of our eyes and not be concerned about tomorrow or the "what if's" ("what if" the wheels fall off tomorrow, putting Grace in danger and keeping us apart longer, but instead, trust that "even if" that happens, God's got it).

THANK YOU!!!  We love you Village!!!

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