Monday, October 28, 2013

...and the Divinely designed roller coaster continues...

Well, Grace has decided that she has more love and entertainment to give, so she wanted to take her show on the road and share that extra love with the Dr's and nurses in her home hospital.  They admitted her to TCH (Texas Children's Hospital) this afternoon because her oxygen saturations were low and it was clear that she was breathing heavy.  Deep down, I sort of knew this was going to be the case because she has just not been herself the past few days (more fussy during the day, inability to sleep very well beyond a few hours, heavier breathing, etc).  I have been thinking that she needs better pain control (something stronger than just Tylenol) which may allow her to take deeper breaths more comfortably, instead of short, rapid breaths that don't allow her to move secretions/fluid through her lungs very well.  Her Cardiologist agreed that that could be the root cause and they are also testing her for a viral or bacterial infection since her lungs look very wet.

This is what Grace thinks about sleeping these days...

Today's PRAISES...
-she is being monitored closely, which gives us a peace of mind since sitting at home and worrying doesn't do anyone any good
-David feels like he is at a resort because he has his own room (verses a shared room like in Boston), that has a sleeping thing that resembles a bed far more than the reclining chair he had in Boston and he has his own bathroom!!!

"Party time... Daddy and I are at a spa resort (also known as Texas Children's)..."

Today's PRAYER requests...
-this is just a part of the recovery process and not something more (like a precursor to a failing heart or lungs).  The pressures in her heart (via echo) were much higher than they should be, but we are hoping/assuming that it's just do to the fact that her body was in distress (please, please, please pray that that is the case)
-strength, peace and rest for David and I!!!  I'm exhausted trying to hold it together for everyone and everything (Abby and Andrew at home, Grace and David in the hospital and a very busy season at work...)


So, our Divinely designed roller coaster continues :-)...  We will continue to cling to God's promises, trust His character and thank Him for our faithful Village!!!  XOXO

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The Keierleber Family said...

Praying! I definitely think she needs stronger meds! Hopefully that is all! I love her sticking out her tongue!

As I have said a million times before, the worst part about the ICU is not having your own bathroom. Poor David, not only having no bathroom, but having to share a room!? Glad they are back home for so many reasons! :)