Sunday, October 13, 2013

Post op day 2...

Agh!!!  They just did rounds and while we think that Grace is doing awesome (compared to... herself), the first thing the attending says is "I wish she was doing better and not so up and down."  I was taken back because, like I said, we think that she's doing great and all of the other feedback that we've gotten has been the same.  As the fellow began presenting the case and the attending got to hear that her mixed venous blood gas was good (meaning that the coldness of her extremities was more environmental versus poor cardiac output) and other labs looked good, he asked the fellow if "he wanted to declare it a victory."  The fellow was extremely hesitant, but they both agreed that she is doing great for Grace (certainly not "normal" or "perfect", but great for Grace and that is praiseworthy in our book :-).  This is exactly what happen last time we were here... they kept talking about extubating (taking her breathing tube out) tomorrow and then tomorrow became the next day and then the next day, etc until I had to go home before ever getting to see her extubated (but more importantly than just being extubated, I didn't get to hold her- BIG SAD FACE).  While she has the breathing tube in they have to keep her super sleepy because the second they lift the sedation a touch, as the night nurse put it when we called in the middle of the night to check on Grace, "I tried to wake her up a little and she woke up fast and was like an alligator" (you know how alligators do the alligator spin where they spin in circles?).  She certainly likes to keep everyone on their toes.  The main reason they can't extubate her yet is because they need to get a better hold on her fluid balance :-/.  Again, this is such a dance with Grace because you have to give her enough medication to pull fluid off, but not dry her out too much.  Will you please pray that her fluid balance would get under control quickly and that she would blow the Dr.'s and nurses away with how stable ALL of her numbers are and that she would stay comfortable (did I mention how much she HATES the breathing tube?).  It's also painful for us to watch her do what we call the "silent cry," where you can tell she's crying by looking at her face and body language, but you can't hear anything because of the breathing tube... no bueno :-(.

Enough with the... not ideal news and on to some praises...  They just took out her LA line (it measures the pressure in her left atrium) which is a number that I love to stare at on the monitor, so having that number no longer available will give me one less thing to obsess over and they also removed her chest tubes.  YAY!!!  

What a little angel, huh?

Yesterday, my angel of a Mother in Law face timed us during Abby's soccer game, so that we could watch her play (she scored two goals and blocked the other team from scoring a couples goals too), we are so proud of her!  We were watching the game from the back of Grace's room in the ICU and when Abby scored her first goal, David thought, maybe she can hear us (from across the soccer field on the phone while face timing), so he yelled "good job Abigail!!!" The nurse cracked up and I'm sure all 29 beds in the CVICU now know that Abigail scored a goal.  It was actually pretty cute and funny!  We also got to see Andrew playing in the mud at the soccer game (since they had a huge down pour right before the game started) and it was neat to see him having sooo much fun (when he saw us on facetime he didn't know if he should be happy or cry), please pray that the kids finish our time apart strong.  Another praise is that since Grace will still be intubated over night (and knocked out to avoid her doing alligator spins with her breathing tube in), David and I will get to have one more night of good sleep in the hotel room together and we will be able to go to church together tonight (Calvary Chapel has a church service in our hotel).  

So grateful that our God is sovereign and reigns over all this craziness! :-) 

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