Saturday, October 19, 2013

Post op day 8...

Today's PRAISES...
-Grace has continued to eat well!
-Grace was able to wean down to .25 liters of oxygen (there is just one more level to wean down to before she is totally off of oxygen)... slowly but surely :-)
-Grace is even more herself again today... she is performing her "tricks" again.  She uses them to make people smile or to get them to talk to her (she does "sooooo big", blows kisses, does the funniest growl and then a big cheesy grin afterward, etc)

Happy pants on a walk... David get's to tote that big oxygen tank around with them on walks.

-let's just say that the lasiks seem to be working, she fills one diaper after another (praying her x-ray tomorrow reflects all of her hard work :-)
-I got to have a fun day with the big kids (Abby and Andrew).  Abigail's soccer team won their game and she scored again.  We also went to a fundraiser for the American Heart Association at a local hospital, played at a park, and we are currently having family movie night (at home).  Next on the agenda is EBT (early bed time), where we will all pile in my bed because it's been lonely sleeping alone.  I'm so desperate for some snuggles that I'm willing to sleep next to my two little heaters that are either on top of me while we sleep (or while they sleep and I lay awake wondering why I thought it would be different this time :-) or kicking me.  It is worth it though...

We got to see a Life Flight Helicopter land and the kids got to tour the inside of it... The theme of the event was "Super Hero's" so you were suppose to dress up as your favorite super hero, that's why we wore our Team Gracie Doo shirts (she is our favorite super hero)!

-Grace would be able to get off of oxygen completely as soon as possible (all in God's timing...  Dear Lord, tomorrow would be a fantastic day to ditch the oxygen :-)
-Grace's x-ray tomorrow would look significantly improved and that they would be able to move forward with a 9:00 am echo on Monday
-Grace would get the memo that she needs to sleep tonight.  Every other day she boycotts sleeping during the day or at night.  Unfortunately, she didn't consult David on that strategy, so he suffers with little to no sleep
-God would continue to use David to minister to his roommates (he is on his 3rd roommate in 4 days)
-great sedated echo results on Monday (assuming her chest x-ray looks good enough to have it done)

II Samuel 22:33- "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect."


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