Monday, October 14, 2013

Post op day 3...

AGH, again!!! and YAY!!!  The same attending was on rounds today (however, we had back the fellow that we really like) and in what I'm learning is his terrible sense of humor, he walked into the room and asked who put in her new bow (maybe we should give him credit for noticing that she had a new bow in)? I jokingly said that we put in a new bow to celebrate what we hope is extubation day!  He asked "are you superstitious?" I said "not a bit superstitious, we are trusting God all the way, the bow is just some added flare."  He proceeded to examine her, walked to the edge of the doorway and says "she squeaks..."  I said "so, what does that mean?"  He put his arms up and smirked (not the warm fuzzy smile, but more like "guess you will have to wait and see").  Rounds went on and our favorite fellow did a great job of highlighting all the the things that Grace has been doing and then said "I think that she's earned her extubation."  YAY!!!  Lord willing, Grace will be extubated some time in the next couple of hours!  It can't come fast enough because Grace has made sure that everyone knows how much she hates the breathing tube.  All of her nurses have been begging for her to be extubated because they are with her 24 hours a day and see how miserable she is.  Will you please pray for a seamless extubation (it can be a very hairy situation)?  

"Check out my extubation celebration bow"...

One down side of being in the hospital is that no exercise takes place and candy is a signature.  Hopefully, some new scientific data will show that a bag of Good n Plenty's will keep the Dr. away (apples are over rated :-).  It's 10:00am and I've already finished my daily bag of them :-/

Once she's extubated, it will officially signify the beginning of sleepless nights for us (mostly David, since I leave tomorrow).  One huge blessing of Grace remaining intubated yesterday is that David and I were able to go to church together last night.  The pastor did an amazing job of literally teaching through the whole bible in about an hour!  He especially focused on what communion signifies, why it is so special for us to participate in, and the type of heart condition that we should have when taking communion.  There wasn't necessarily anything new that he taught us, but it is so amazing how God can make His word so powerful to you that it's as if your hearing it for the first time.  I love that!  It was a great reminder that while we were disappointed that Grace wasn't extubated yesterday, there was a very good reason for that!  God used it for good in that He allowed us to sit under some great teaching and have sort of a date night.  

Well... I didn't even have time to publish this post because Grace made it clear that she was ready to be extubated now!  They extubated her about 30 minutes ago and she seems to be doing good, so far (praise The Lord).  Please, please, please pray that she continues to do well being extubated because this is the time that she is either going to sink or swim.  Thank you praying Village!!!  There are a number of you that I need to text, facebook message, or e-mail back to thank you so very much for your encouragement and prayers.  Until I have a chance to do that, please know that each word that you have taken the time to type has been imprinted on my heart forever!  There is something magical that happens when you are lifted up by the body of Christ, so thank you and please don't stop :-).

"Look, no breathing tube..."

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