Thursday, October 10, 2013

It looks like surgery is a GO for tomorrow...

We had our appointment this morning to make sure Grace's funny business won't impede her ability to have surgery tomorrow.  The Dr. said that her lungs sounded crystal clear (praise The Lord), her temperature was 100.1 (they didn't seem concerned about that at all), and they drew blood and said that they would call us if her white count was high (so no news is good news).  We haven't received a phone call yet (it's almost 5:00 pm our time, so we feel good about that!) and we called to confirm our surgery date and time (normal procedure to make sure they didn't have to bump us for another case, etc).  Lord willing, it looks like tomorrow will be the day...  We have to be at the hospital at 6:00 am and we are assuming that surgery will be roughly 6-8 hours.  They usually give us an update about every hour, so I will post updates throughout the day (at least that's my intention :-).

Thank you for praying with us through these uncertain circumstances.  Your prayers have been felt for which we are deeply grateful.  Please pray that it would be the Lord's hands and wisdom making decisions on the best way to mend Gracie's heart.  Please also pray for peace for David and I as we wait.... and continued peace, strength, and joy for Abigail and Andrew, since we are at the half way point of being apart (until I get to snuggle them).  

"Please also pray that it isn't long before my Mommy and Daddy can see my sweet smile again (and lots of them) because I can't really light up the room as well when I'm knocked out"

Love this reminder...  We aren't promised that the journey will be easy, but we are promised that Emanuel (means God with us) will go before us, never leaving nor foresaking us.