Monday, October 21, 2013

Post op day 10...

Today's PRAISES...
-Grace's sedated echo results today were good (which means they were unchanged from what they saw in the operating room, so that is good, we will take it :-)!
-She has continued to eat even better than she did before surgery!
-She has remained off of oxygen!
-We did Face Time with David and Grace tonight, which was a treat to get to see Grace's personality live and in action, but seeing David made my heart melt (I sure do miss my man!).
-Grace got to change her clothes...

"Sometimes my Daddy forgets that I need a costume change, but he did it for Mommy tonight.  Here is my BEFORE..." 

"and AFTER..."
Ummmm...  I want to eat her, she is SO stinkin cute!!!

***please, please, please pray that her chest x-ray looks good tomorrow!  They stopped the second diuretic today, so she needs to show them that the lasiks alone can keep her fluid in balance (this is a VERY important component to even considering discharge anytime in the near future).
-Grace continues to do well eating, maintaining her oxygen levels, vitals, labs, etc (please pray that nothing goes out of whack...) and that God gets all of the glory!

Y'all continue to bless us with your prayers and encouragement, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  

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Julie Wigle said...

I also want to eat her. :) Thanks for the continued updates!