Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crash cart = NO BUENO!!!

Let's just say that the crash cart being pulled out makes for a rough day :-(.  I'm emotionally and physically exhausted, so here is the readers digest version...  Over the past couple of days, Grace has been having a more and more difficult time breathing, due to fluid in her lungs (it is still unknown if the fluid is a result of some sort of infection, part of the recovery process, or a sign that her hearts new circulation can't carry the load).  It finally became too much for her little body this morning, her lips turned blue and she was really struggling to breath, so they called for the crash cart and paged the Rapid Response Team (which caused about 25 different doctors and nurses from throughout the hospital to swarm into Grace's room).  By God's grace they didn't need to do chest compressions or breathe for her (she was breathing on her own) and they were able to intubate and stabilize her before taking her to the ICU.  It is a gut wrenching and heart breaking experience to get a text that "they are bringing out the crash cart to be safe." A praise is that I work in the Medical Center (which is where TCH is), so after receiving that text, I sprinted down the street as fast as I could while crying and praying out loud, "God, please don't take her home now..." (this has been a looming fear of mine that has been very difficult for me to shake the past few days).  When I rounded the corner to head toward Grace's room, I saw about 25 people in gowns pouring out of her room (including the chaplain) with all kinds of equipment on hand.  The attending did an exceptional job of running a tight ship during a super scary and critical time, while numerous people made sure that David and I were alright (explaining to us exactly what they were doing along the way, the chaplain prayed with us, etc).

Here is our little angel after all the excitement...  
Now this is more like the Grace we know...  a few steps forward and a giant step back!

It seems as though maybe Grace was discharged a little too early from Boston (she put on a good show for them, making recovery look easy), but we trust that God wasn't surprised by today's events.  Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that she was discharged from Boston so early, that way she could finish out her recovery close to home at TCH (Lord willing of course).  It IS such a blessing to have them close to home and literally down the street from where I work.

They did an echo this evening, but we haven't received the results yet.  Will you please, please, please, please, please pray for good echo results and that the cause of all this craziness is just a sign that Grace needs a little more time to recover (maybe she does need 2-3 months) and that the road to recovery would be smooth?  Please also pray for David, Abigail, Andrew, and I as we try to navigate this uncertain and difficult time.

Thank you sweet Village!  We need you more than ever right now!

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