Thursday, October 17, 2013

Post op day 6...

Answered prayers for today...  Gracie Doo (and subsequently David :-) pretty much slept through the night last night (that's huge for Miss. Grace).  She also started eating orally and is doing better than we expected in that department!!!

"Check me out, no more feeding tube!"

She has also perked up even more...  the little ham that we know and love is waving to people and winning them over with her sweet smile again.

"I have the worlds best Daddy EVER... even though he never really remembers to do my hair!"

-Grace is suppose to have her echo at 11:00 am EST tomorrow.  The results are super important because it will dictate how soon she can come home, whether she needs another surgery (before coming home), etc.
-Grace is needing a small amount of oxygen (.5 liters) to keep her oxygen levels where they would like them.  Will you please pray that she can come off of the oxygen quickly because that will most definitely keep her in the hospital for a while?

Thank you, sweet Village!!!

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