Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not my favorite hairdo...


We can't thank each of you that has offered to help us find a place to stay tonight enough for looking out for us and being willing to help out at the drop of a hat! We JUST found out that our hotel had a cancellation, so we have a place to stay! YAY!!!  As far as Gracie Doo goes, praise the Lord they didn't see any sign of a major stroke on the CT; however, being just out of surgery they said it isn't always easy to see small findings that might be there, so they will do another CT in a couple of days. So far, the EEG hasn't shown any seizures (as of early this morning), but they are still monitoring her closely.  We will know a lot more about how she's doing neurologically when they wake her up and extubate (we don't have a clue when that will happen, but please pray that when it does, we get to see the same little Gracie Doo we know and love). In terms of her heart, the pressures in her left atrium and across her MV are higher than what was seen in the OR, which isn't totally surprising, so I'm not sure what that is going to mean. They really don't want to have to do a third surgery so close together, so they hope to be able to just manage her pressures medically. Will you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray that she hasn't had and doesn't have a stroke or seizures, that the pressures in her heart settle down, and that her body handles  her surgery amazingly well! Please Lord, no more complications!!! I will keep y'all posted as we get more information.

I have gotten very behind on responding to people's Facebook messages and e-mails, so please don't take it personal if I haven't responded yet, things have just been way more lively around here than usual. We read and greatly appreciate every single message that we get, so please don't stop because you think they are going unnoticed. Knowing that our prayer warriors are enabled and that we aren't alone in this fight gives us great comfort and joy! Praising God for each of you right now!

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