Saturday, November 9, 2013


UPDATE:  Praise the Lord, Grace was just successfully extubated...

The nurse was cleaning her face after extubation and Grace just wanted to suck on the wash cloth :-).  If only I knew how to upload a video, I would share with you the video that David just sent me of Grace, post extubation, looking a little (or a lot) disheveled, going through some withdrawl, but still precious as ever, even waving and blowing her Momma a kiss!  My heart is full!!!

Will you please keep praying that she does well extubated and for ALL the details as it relates to her upcoming surgery?  We still don't have a surgery date yet  :-/... but I know that God has one :-)

Abby had a soccer tournament this afternoon, her team won both games and she scored two goals!  
Abby and her coach, whom we love!!!  GOOOOO BUMBLEBEE'S!!!

Night- Night...  (((BIG HUGS)))

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LEENA7 said...

So glad one of you was able to be there for the games. It is so hard on the siblings when another is so sick. Prayers for all,