Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surgery Update...

Huge Praise!!!  Our cardiologist just came to tell us that Grace is off bypass... and they were able to REPAIR the valve, instead of it needing to be replaced!!!  We were so surprised that they were able to repair it that we almost felt a little skeptical about that being the best approach.  However, our cardiologist said that after she was off bypass they spent an hour in the operating room doing a heart catheter and echo to measure pressures and heart function, almost looking for a reason to replace it, and just couldn't find one.  Praise God, there was no leaking whatsoever, the gradient across her mitral valve was down to 5 (that's the lowest it has been since we began the biventricular repair adventure) and the pressures in the left and right side of her heart were good.  I'm pretty sure that her cardiologist even said the word "normal" when talking about her left atrial pressure (I can't really wrap my mind around that word, but we will take it).  While we shouldn't be surprised to see and experience God working in ways that completely amaze us, we find ourselves in that position right now, as we are so thankful that He allows us to experience His greatness through His handling of the precious details of Grace's little mitral valve.  Unfortunetely, It is also easy to find ourselves in a state of fear...  fear that Grace will crash again.  However, in God's strength, we will choose gratitude and praise, not fear!  Grace will be heading up from the operating room very shortly so we will have to go to the waiting room while they get her settled into her room, so we still have about an hour to go before we are able to see her, but we will make sure to give a last update at the end of the night.

Thank you for all of your prayers today!  We love you!

Here is Miss Smiley Pants this morning before she took a long nap...  Oh, how I loved getting to snuggle her and soak up her smiles and silliness!

Grace slept peacefully as she was being rolled down to surgery, so thankful the handing off process was seamless and not too stressful.  

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McCourt said...

So glad to hear the good news from the surgery. We have been praying for y'all and sweet Grace all evening. You and your family are such an inspiration of strength, hope, and faith. We will keep up the prayers for healing and recovery.

God bless you all,
The Thomas Family