Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surgery is now in progress...

I'm so sorry for not posting an update sooner, but there wasn't much to update except that we were waiting and waiting and waiting for them to take her back for surgery (wondering if it was even   going to happen today).  The blessing about waiting (which I'm not very good at) is that I had more than half of the day to love on our precious Gracie Doo before surgery.  I really needed that because when I arrived to her room at 11:30 last night, she looked ROUGH... the worst withdrawls I have ever seen or imagined!  The newest update is that they just took Grace back for surgery about 30 minutes ago and now we get to wait some more...  the surgery will probably be about 5 hours, so we won't get to see her for about 6 hours.  This is the exciting part, we spoke with her surgeon about all of the different valve options (he will wait until he gets in there to decide which one will be the best option for Grace), so once she's out of surgery we will find out which valve God picked.  It's kind of like a grab bag :-).  Please keep praying for God's hands and wisdom to be ALL OVER her surgery!  Thank you sweet Village!

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