Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kristi's back in Texas...

Today was bitter sweet for me.  Kristi took a plane back to Houston this morning and arrived back early this afternoon to be with Abigail and Andrew.  I have been so excited for them to be reunited, but it has been difficult for me today.  When Kristi was here with me, it was very helpful to have a teammate to go through this with and I didn't realize how awesome it was until after she left today.  Me and Grace are the only two ducks here and the loneliness became rather apparent today.  Kristi leaving made it all the more apparent how much I (and Grace) love her, and Abigail and Andrew, and I find so much joy in hoping for us all to be reunited some day soon.  That's enough sap from me!

Abigail and Andrew were so excited to have their mommy home today.  They went to church this morning, had lunch, and then unexpectedly went to the airport (best surprise ever for them)!!!

Grace has done pretty well today, although not much changed for her today.  They figured out a better sedation strategy for the day.  The nurse was laughing because she was saying that Grace gets so much sedation and that if any adult had just one of the sedation meds it would knock them out, but Grace is on four different types of sedation and barely knocks out.  The plan for tomorrow is to go ahead and extubate Grace, but leave her Left Atrial line (which goes directly into her heart to monitor her left pressures) in, so that they can see how her LA pressures do without her being sedated and intubated.  This way, if her LA pressures go up because she is awake and not sedated, then it gives them a better picture that her mitral valve probably just needs to be replaced.  Please pray that the doctors know what the right plan should be after Grace is extubated tomorrow.  We know that it will be God's will whatever the plan is, so please also pray that God aligns our hearts and minds with His plan.  

Thanks for all of your prayers for our Sweet Little G-Dog!

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Tyler & Brianna said...

I met Kristi at gymnastics and she told me your story a few months ago and we have been praying for your family. Then, about 2 weeks ago, one of my best friends sent me your blog and asked me to pray for you guys!! So please know that God has His hand on you and there are many prayer warriors out there for your family!!