Friday, November 29, 2013

Blessed Black Friday

This is David - Things are going well in Boston today!  Thanks to the kindness of some local coworkers of a friend of ours in Texas, I have been enjoying some home cooked food that they brought to me yesterday.  Unfortunately, I think I overdid it and ate a quarter of a key lime pie for lunch today; and, unfortunately, there is a high likelihood that I will do the same for breakfast or lunch tomorrow, it's delicious!

In regards to Grace, she has done a great job today!  She still vomits half of her feedings, so they are going to try a different formula to see if it is related to what she is eating or just a result of her mitral valve.  They also tried to take Grace off her oxygen for a little bit to see how she could handle it and slowly her sats began to drop, so within 10 minutes she was in the low 80's and continuing to go down, so they put her back onto just an eighth of a liter of oxygen and she jumped right back up to between 95-100.  Other than that, there is not much to report from here in Boston.  Grace and I are doing well.  If I stop and dwell too long on the fact that our family is split up, then I start feeling a little I just choose to not dwell on that too much.  I would love to be with Kristi and the kids right now, but that just isn't an option, so it does not seem like it makes a lot of sense to allow our situation to dictate my feelings.  I praise God for His peace, comfort, and strength through this; for it is not from my own will, but by the grace of God.  

No post from Kristi today. She has been busy doing some online Black Friday shopping, but she had to wait until the kids went to bed before she could really get going, so that's what she's doing right now. Grace wants to wish everyone a Happy Black Friday!


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