Monday, November 11, 2013

Surgery date...

At this moment, Kristi is on an airplane heading to Boston... Grace is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.  Praise God that we at least have a plan for our sweet Gracie!  The surgeon stated this morning that he was not too sure whether they were going to repair the valve or replace it; he would have to wait until he opened Grace up to see firsthand how her valve looked.  However, our cardiologist came in this afternoon and did a 3D echo and he stated that if they just repaired the valve that would probably make it too stenotic, so most likely they will have to replace.  He also said that if her valve is replaced that should clear up all the rest of the issues in her heart and lungs.  

Here are some pictures of Grace for the day:

Grace got a new bow in her hair this morning

When nobody was looking, Grace snuck onto her belly!

I decided that I wanted to snuggle Grace before she goes into surgery tomorrow, so I decided to climb into her crib with her and lay beside her (being short does have it's benefits).

Y'all have been so faithful in lifting us up in prayer, if you would be so kind as to continue doing so for us we would be extremely grateful (which is how we feel about y'all each and every day).

-Please pray for Kristi's flight (she arrives here at 10:00pm tonight) and her car ride to the hospital
-Please pray for God's grace and presence to be fealt and known by Abigail and Andrew as we are apart (Praise God that they did well when they got home from school and found out that Mommy was leaving within the hour)
-Please continue to pray for God's will for Grace's heart to be made transparent through endowing the surgeon's with the wisdom they need to do a valve repair or replacement (and if it is replacement, that the right valve will be used).

Thank you for continuing to walk through this journey with us.  


The Keierleber Family said...

PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING! Thankful the day has finally come! Scary but a relief as well!

Julie Wigle said...

Yay for being short and fitting in the crib! Such a cute picture of you two. I'm so glad Kristi can be there with you and see Grace prior to the surgery! We will be praying!! Love you!

Ammie Blahuta said...

She is so cute! Love her looking up at her daddy. So sweet. We have a little something for Grace and big sister and big brother from the Buddy Walk. Can't wait for Grace to be a part of it next year!