Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Andrew!

Happy 5th Birthday, Andrew!  Grace and I sure did miss a fun birthday party for Andrew today,

but Grace had some excitement of her own today (in a good way).  Grace was moved from the CICU over to their step down unit, "the floor."  Grace has been her happy little self today.  The only things to keep an eye on are that when Grace gets fussy, her hands, feet, and lips all turn blue.  From March to October, Grace had a gradient on her mitral valve of 15-19, but she never turned blue when she fussed; however, when she fusses now, even with a lower gradient, she turns blue.  I have told this to the cardiologist and nurses and they stated that is good information to know.  Also, in speaking with Grace's cardiologist this morning, I stated my fears of the doctors placing a lot of emphasis on Grace's clinical appearance when making their decision, since Grace has shown us already that clinically she stays happy right up until the last moment and all of a sudden she is having the crash cart called on her.  Dr. Marx stated that he understood our concerns and he wanted me to know that they will definitely not be sending Grace home to Texas unless she is looking perfect and they can be close to certain that we won't get home and go through the same experience with Grace that we did before.  That was very relieving to hear that he understands our concern and is in agreement with what Grace needs to prove in order to go home without a valve replacement.

Tonight you are stuck with just me, David, writing on the blog post.  Kristi has not had a down moment since she returned home to Texas and with all of the plans and details going into providing Andrew with a great birthday party today (given that he doesn't have his dad and baby sister home with him for his birthday), all of this craziness is catching up to her and she is getting pretty worn down.  I have never felt a greater desire to be able to take some things off of Kristi's plate and care for her, so being unable to do that is a very helpless feeling.  However, we know that God has brought us to this place for a purpose and we will do our best to glorify Him with our lives to the best of our abilities.  Thank you, Lord, that we even have the option and opportunity to praise You, for You alone are to be glorified and it is a blessing that You allow us the ability to give You glory.

Here are a couple of pictures Kristi sent me from Andrew's Pizza Making birthday party.

Have a great night, Village!  As always, thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

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Julie Wigle said...

Wish we could be in Boston or Texas to help you all! Looks like Kristi did a marvelous job planning a fun party, and looks like you and Grace did a marvelous job celebrating too (love the footprint sign). Praying for patience as you wait and for a clear answer for the doctors as to what to do!