Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post-Op Day 2 (Round 2))

PRAISE THE LORD!!!  Our little warrior had all of the electrodes on her head removed today.  The EEG results came back negative and the only neuro test remaining is an MRI at some point.  In regards to Grace's heart, her left atrial pressures are still high, but it appears that medication is helping to lower it to a more manageable range. 

Grace's nurse and I gave Grace a spa treatment today, in an effort to clean her up after getting the electrodes out that were GLUED in!   

Lord willing, the plan tomorrow is for Grace to be extubated, which always makes for an adventurous day.  In preparation for tomorrow, Grace decided that it would be a good idea to start partying today, so she was squirming all over the place; this wouldn't be such a bad thing if she were not intubated, but being intubated she needs to be still, so David and I were standing by Grace's crib and holding her still (while trying every trick we have to keep her calm) for about two+ hours straight.  The nurses were adding all sorts of sedation medication during this time and it took forever for her to respond to it (she is one tough cookie and isn't kept down very easily).

PRAYER REQUEST- Will you please pray that Grace has a peaceful night, her LA (left atrial) pressure remains low, extubation goes seamlessly tomorrow, minimal withdrawls, and that Gracie Doo will bless us with her priceless smile and sweetness right when she wakes up?  We have been blessed with the opportunity  to encourage and pray for/with a few other families with kiddos in the ICU, will you please pray for peace, strength, and a quick recovery for them too?

Thank you our sweet, sweet, sweet Village for being the most faithful prayer warriors ever!!!



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Mary Ross said...

Abby's prayer time always ends with her telling me to pray for the best and the worst and she'll pray for Gracie. Tonight it went something like: Please help Gracie's heart get better. I hope she gets to come home soon but I hope she stays in Boston until her heart is all better and where the doctors know how to take care of her and she doesn't have problems. But I hope she gets to come home soon.