Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today was an emotionally rough day for a couple of reasons (one of them being Grace's lack of eating), but I was constantly reminded of a life changing truth that brought me joy and hope despite many moments of tear filled eyes throughout the day...  We serve a God that has conquered death!  What does it mean that God didn't come just to live among His people to be a good example and to die a martyrs death?  Instead, He left the glory and comforts of heaven, wrapping Himself in human skin to come to this broken world, live a sinless life, die a sinners death (in our place), and RISE up from the dead .  If God would sacrifice His only Son for us, what won't He do for us?  If He can conquer death, what can't He do! The answer to those rhetorical questions are just the hope that I need to put one foot in front of the other, trusting in God's perfect provision (even when it hurts :-).  He has used many of you to remind me of that truth today...  Your comments and messages blessed me more than I could express (please forgive me for not always having time to respond to them and please don't doubt for a second whether they matter or not because they matter more to me than you could ever imagine!).  Some of you stopped in your tracks to pray over me when I simply mentioned my broken heart over Grace's eating, some of you talked me through different strategies and reminded me that we aren't alone on this journey, and most importantly you have covered us in prayer.   Please keep the prayers coming :-)!!!

Update on Grace's eating...  Her first 4 feedings (if you would even call them that) consisted of 1.5 oz, which was one reason for my tears, but on her 5th feeding, I mixed her formula with a good bit of rice cereal and spoon fed it to her.  She actually opened her mouth for it and ate enough to make my heart leap with joy!  As always, that could have been a one hit wonder, but we will praise the Lord never the less!

Here are some pics from our Easter festivities...

We caught the Easter bunny hiding the resurrection eggs (if you have never heard of them, please check them out!), which is our new favorite family tradition.  It was amazing to hear the kids tell us the story of Jesus' death, burial, and RESURRECTION!

Then, Gracie Bunny gave the kids a clue as to where to find their Easter baskets...  That's when Abby said "why do we get Easter baskets?"  I thought that was so sweet because it reminded me that Easter isn't about chocolate bunnies, candy, and stuff (or maybe we have just been successful at setting the bar low enough when it comes to giving them big gifts that they don't really know to expect much :-).

Then, we had a great time swimming with some sweet friends and family!  Praise the Lord we got a lot of swimming in before a big rain storm!

Then, we gave Grace a big bowl of formula and rice cereal.  I wish I had a picture of that activity...  to give you a visual, Abby said "that is so cool, it looks like fireworks of food all over Grace's face!"  Let's just say that Grace was enjoying trying to talk to me while eating, so we were both covered in food.  As long as more ended up in her tummy than on us, I was one happy and grateful Momma!

Praying that you are experiencing the hope found in Jesus this Easter Sunday!  (((BIG HUGS)))

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Julie Wigle said...

Hope the eating continues to improve and you guys get some rest over there! Grace continues to just get cuter and cuter...seriously!!! I'm glad you had a blessed Easter and so glad that Jesus gives you hope and comfort daily. I need to get those resurrection eggs, I've heard their awesome!