Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 5 post surgery...

Grace was stable today and they are continuing to prepare her for extubation to take place tomorrow, or more than likely on Wednesday. They removed the line from her neck and placed a pic line (a line for them to administer medication and draw blood from) in her arm. They did this because she is such a difficult peripheral stick (rather than have to stick her a bunch of times and upset her, they opted for a pic line). They also took the line out that was measuring her LAP (left ventricle pressure) because her surgeon felt like people were treating a number not the patient (instead of looking out how Grace looks clinically and taking into account all of her numbers, they may have been making decisions based on one number on the monitor). Well, that's one less thing for me to obsess about :-). I use to ask David all day, everyday what her LAP was and he would even send me pictures of the monitor to prove that he was telling me the truth (of course I trusted what he was telling me, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? :-)). David said that Grace is starting to move around again, since they took the paralytic completely off and are trying to allow her to wake up again, but with a different cocktail of medications that hopefully won't agitate her. Please pray for a smooth transition and successful extubation. David is getting so excited that she's moving again and closer to waking up. I feel like he's a kid at Christmas waiting to unwrap his big present... It's everything he can do not to get in that crib with her!

Oh! How I miss these two!!!!!!!!!!!

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Elise said...

Thank you for the daily updates! I can't imagine the yearning you have in your heart to have the whole family together again! The time is coming my friend when this will just be a memory and a beautiful example of how God loves your family!!!