Sunday, March 17, 2013

Today was a good day in Grace's world and in Texas...  While I missed David in a big way sitting next to me at church today, I had my stand-in husband in tow...  Mary Ross (my Mother in Love).  We've been a great team this week, and it comes as no surprise, she has exceeded any expectations I could have had for our second stay-cation with Abigail and Andrew, while Gracie and David are in the hospital!

This morning, our Youth Pastor and dear, dear friend of our family, preached at church, where he did a GREAT job of helping us to better understand "How Does Jesus Love?"  We were reminded that often times God shows us His glory through our suffering, which ultimately strengthens our faith (if we find our hope and joy in Him alone).  Part of our workout routine to strengthen our faith muscles includes becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.  This is something the Lord has put on my heart, since we received the call from the geneticist.  David is right, when he reminds me that "easy is not good" because it is when life is not "easy" that we are drawn to our knees at the foot of the cross.  That is when the love that Christ demonstrated toward us on the cross becomes magnified and our faith muscles grow stronger.  Too bad muscle memory doesn't just remember the lessons we have already learned, so that we don't have to be reminded over and over again throughout our time here on earth :-).   Thanks for allowing the Lord to deliver a powerful message through you today, BG!

A few praises from the weekend include...
-I have become pretty good at giving "smack downs" (like David), however, I will NEVER be as fun as he is because my "smack downs" usually turn into tickle fests because tickling is way safer than wrestling :-)
-We went swimming for the first time this year in my parents pool and had a great time!  Again, I had to try my best to be as cool as David by being willing to go from the jacuzzi to the pool over and over again with the kids, even though I felt like I might get hypothermia.

-David got to take a shower for the first time in 3 days!

-Yesterday, Mary and I had food delivered to David in the hospital, so he could have a few "real" meals, not just snacks. The restaurant made a mistake and sent him a dish with 10 different vegetables, instead of the appetizer sampler that we ordered (along with a yummy pizza and salad).  I think it was Divine intervention because David said that since he has eaten so much junk lately, his body was craving veggies :-).
-Grace was much more content today and eating well without spitting up!
-My favorite story of the day is as follows...
I asked David to please send me a picture of Grace smiling (I SO miss her infectious smiles) and he said  "Grace said that she would smile for a picture after she gets her NG tube out."  I asked when that would be and he said "sometime tomorrow."  Approximately 2 minutes later, David texted "Grace just went for it and yanked her NG tube out herself.  So, I guess it'll be today!" along with this picture...

PRAYER REQUEST- Grace has an echo tomorrow morning at 9:00 EST.  Will you please pray that everything looks better than good on the echo and that her Dr's have no hesitation in discharging her sooner than later?  If everything looks good on the echo, they could discharge her as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday.  THANK YOU!!!

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Elise said...

I wish I had heard the sermon but I was with the babies! I will be praying about tomorrow!