Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Surgery is a go for tomorrow...

Grace did a great job during her MRI and echo!  They didn't need to do the heart catheterization, which is certainly a praise!  After reviewing the images, the Surgeon and Cardiologist have decided that the safest approach will be to do a staged approach to a biventricular repair, which means they will close the large holes in her heart, but leave a small hole (like a "pop off valve") in an effort to grow the left ventricle and left mitral valve.  Right now the mitral valve is only 10 mm and they need it to be at least 15 mm for it to function on it's own.  They also need to replace the pulmonary band which has caused a little damage (this happens because as Grace grows the band doesn't, so it can sometimes cause damage).  We also learned that she only has one papillary muscle when most people have two, which makes it even tougher for that left side to function on it's own. The hope is that the left structures (especially the valve) will grow over the next 6 months to a year, allowing them to be able to do a complete bi-ventricular repair at that time.  This surgery is newer and very cutting edge, so we are grateful it is even an option and will continue to hope and pray that her next surgery will be a bi-ventricular one.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:00 am tomorrow morning and will last about 6 hours.  Assuming that all goes well during surgery and post-operatively, her surgeon thinks she should be able to go home in about 10 days (much shorter than we expected because if they went ahead with a full bi-ventricular repair this time it would have been closer to 6 weeks).

1)  We are able to have confidence that God is good all the time, even when it's scary or it hurts!  He promises to never leave or forsake us and He has never broken that promise... after all God has proven throughout time to be a promise keeper :-).
2)  Grace didn't need a heart catheter today, so she gets to stay in the hotel with us tonight, instead of the hospital.
3)  We were able to move hotels, especially since they have a big storm warning here that starts tomorrow and goes through Friday (I leave to go home on Saturday) and we get to give Grace her surgical scrub/bath in a private bathroom.
4)  The red spot on Grace's surgical site is pretty much gone.
5)  The heart of everyone we have met so far in Boston.  The Dr's and nurses have all been such a pleasure to work with and it truly makes my heart smile to see how sweet they are to Grace!!!
6)  Abigail and Andrew seem to be doing good as they count down the days until Mommy comes home!
7)  AND...  I got a new tooth brush :-)

Prayer requests..
1) Please pray for wisdom and skillful hands for her surgeon and everyone else involved in her care during surgery.
2)  The surgeon did say there is a small chance they could get in there and see that the valve looks better and bigger than what they could see on the images they got today (it's hard to see when you are talking about a difference of millimeters), so if they get in there and see that the valve is at least 15 mm, then they will proceed with a full bi-vent repair.  Please pray that the Lord's will will be clear.
3) For the type of peace and comfort that only God can provide as our little honey is in surgery and as she recovers.

Thank you prayer warriors!!!  I plan to update the blog tomorrow throughout her surgery, as we get updates from the nurse (it should be about every hour and a half).  (((hugs)))


Catherine Marcum said...

This is wonderful news, prayers coming your way. Love from the Marcums in California.

Donna said...

Kristi, you are an inspiration! I happened to be on FB and saw your update and have spent the last several minutes reading your incredible, inspiring words. Rest assured you are being thought of and prayed over. So wish I could be there to hug you and sweet Grace! Looking forward to reading your updates. Love from Bloomington!

Elise said...

Praying, praying, praying! Sporting Team Gracie Doo t-shirt tomorrow!

Julie Wigle said...

Praying lots for you all there!! We had to get out the globe yesterday to show the kids where Baby Grace was! :) Glad you got a new toothbrush Kristi...definitely necessary with the toilet incident! We will be praying specifically for the surgery tomorrow, as you wait. Thank you for your updates. Love you!

Mary Ross said...

Team Gracie Doo on the home front said sweet, sweet prayers tonight for Gracie. When they did best and worst at bedtime, the best was FaceTime with the whole family. They couldn't think of a worst to report tonight until Abby remembered they missed center time. Praying right now for a restful night for the surgery team and post-op team.

Joyce said...

Good Morning Kristie, David and Gracie! I have been praying for Peace and that you will feel God's Loving Presence during this time. I have been praying that Gracie will have the Very Best Doctor's and Surgical Staff and that they would have No Complications; That everything will go 100% Perfect and Smooth! Also that they will be able to do the full surgery, so she won't have to go through any more operations...
I am fasting and praying for her today :)
Your Faith is such an Inspiration to me, and to anyone who knows you! You guys truly Radiate God's Holy Spirit!!!