Monday, April 1, 2013

I almost forgot to tell you...

I almost forgot to tell you...  We officially (finally) have a new cardiologist (here in Texas)!  We meet her for the first time tomorrow morning, after Grace has a sedated echo.  Will you please, please, please pray that Grace's heart exceeds the Dr's expectations with how good and strong it looks on the echo and that we love her new cardiologist?

Thank you everyone that has been praying for Grace's eating... we have certainly seen an improvement in her eating today compared to the past week, but we still have a ways to go.  So, we praise the Lord for even the smallest improvement and we ask that you PLEASE keep the prayers coming!

With David's approval, I'm going to share something even more personal and special than normal.  David's most recent school assignment was to write a personal psalm of lament and a psalm of praise (for those of you who are newer to the blog, David is currently working towards a Master's degree at Dallas Theological Seminary).  Ummmmm...  could the assignment come at a more perfect time?  After all, we are overflowing with both lament and praise :-).  Reading David's assignment in the context of all that we are going through right now makes it both precious and priceless.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did...

 Psalm of Lament
A Psalm of David, in the hospital after his daughter’s heart surgery

O Lord, our deliverer and redeemer,
I cry out to You as my daughter struggles,

Please, incline Your ear to my plea for relief,
Grant me an audience to oblige my request,

My daughter’s eyes race in confusion,
Her little body writhes in torment,

Why should such struggle grasp someone so young?
Why should this be her pain and not my own?

My attempts to comfort her are worthless,
I am helpless and can bear it no longer,

But You, O Lord, are not helpless,
You are not constrained to what this world can offer,

Please, Lord, come to her aid,
Do not remain silent any longer!

Lord, we proclaim Your glorious name to all who know and see us,
Many are watching to see how we respond in these trials,

Let not Your name be dishonored,
Keep doubt in You far from their minds,

The doctors work to heal our daughter, 
Nurses spend hours attending to her care,

But their effort is in vain if You do not act,
For You alone can heal and You alone can bring our daughter peace,

I will proclaim Your name even in this trial,
Regardless of the situation, You will be glorified,

For You created our daughter for Your glory and we will rejoice in Your creation,
In Your lovingkindness our daughter’s health will be restored!

Psalm of Praise
A Psalm of David, in reuniting with his family

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
All that is within me, bless His holy name,

When I step back and look at the wonder of Your creation,
I am in awe and bewildered at the truth of Your complexity,

I have not words to measure You,
I am humbled even at the attempt to try,

And yet, O Lord, You know me and love me,
Who am I, that I should be worthy of Your attention,

You know the hairs on my head and the thoughts within,
My character and abilities were fashioned by You,

Thank You, Lord, for Your providential hand in this world,
Thank You, Lord, for bringing my wife and I together into one flesh,

You knew, O Lord, how greatly she was needed in my life,
Your love and care for me is most evident through the wife You have blessed me with,

And Your blessing me did not stop with my wife,
Thank You, my Lord, for rewarding me with three children as well,

Each day spent with my family is a blessing from You,
Thank You for bringing us back together after much time apart at the hospital,

The beauty and responsibility of raising my children provides greater insight into the magnitude of
     Your love for me, 
Discipling my children in their sin, sheds light onto the reason why You discipline
     Your children,

Thank You, Lord, for Your loyal love,
Thank You, Lord, for loving me and disciplining me,

You alone are worthy of honor and glory and praise,
I shall give my heart to no other,

I will give thanks to the Lord everywhere I go,
My children will know who You are and what You have done!


Elise said...

Praise be to God on all accounts! Thank you for sharing your words David!

Ben A said...

Words spoken by a saint and one knows their meaning oh so deeply.Thanks for sharing.