Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rapid fire update...

As I'm sure life is for most of you too, since the kids have been out of school and David and Grace have been home from the hospital, time has flown by at lightening speed...  so here's a rapid fire update of praises :-).

-Abigail had her 7 year old check up and she is our big little girl...  she is tipping the chart at the 8% for weight and 20% for height!  That's the biggest that she's ever been on the chart.  We truly love that God created her so tiny and tough, but her recent stats blew David and I away (she use to hang out at 4%).  In case you wonder where she (and Grace) get their "little" genes check out the girls in the Ross Family...

We went to see the play Little Mermaid this weekend in celebration of Abigail and Evie's 7th birthdays. 
I love each of the Ross ladies so much and am grateful that I get to call them family and friends!

-Abigail was having this random, infrequent, fleeting pain behind her belly button, so when I mentioned it to our ultra cautious pediatrician (whom we LOVE), she wanted Abby to get an ultrasound of her belly just to be safe.  Ultrasounds/echo's, etc have turned into an anxiety producing experience for me because they so often are followed by not so good news, but PRAISE the LORD that everything looked normal (it could be muscle related since she's a super active and agile kiddo).

-Grace was given the go ahead to stop her breathing treatment (which has allowed David and I a little more sleep because we no longer have to giver her breathing treatments in the middle of the night, which then result in a wired child).  

-Grace got her FIRST hair cut (just a teeny tiny trim because her daddy loves her hair long).

-Grace has turned into the prayer police.  If she thinks that we have forgotten grace or night time prayers (or if we take longer than she thinks appropriate), she will fold her hands, shake them at you, get your attention and give you this look...

Look at the "prayer police" making sure everyone is focused...

-David has had the whole family counting down to the World Cup and now that it's here, our lives are all things soccer.  It's sweet to see David and Abigail love the game of soccer together from playing outside together to getting to eat dinner on the floor in the living room, so that they don't miss any of the game.  We can't wait for the first USA game tomorrow!

-I have been so honored and blessed by a few of you that have delivered on my heart felt request to share your specific prayer requests with me, so that I can stand with you in prayer.  Y'all so diligently cover us in prayer, will you please do us the honor of letting us know how we can be praying specifically for you?  Please feel free to e-mail, message, call, or text David or I :-).

*** It's Father's Day and I'm celebrating the three most special Dad's I know...  

One with such a servants heart (and somehow always makes me laugh)...  My Father-in-love!

One that is the world's best encourager and always makes sure that we all know how much we are loved...  My Daddy!

And, the man that is... our hero because he is everything a Daddy (and Husband) could be, and more!

First thing in the morning snuggles (Andrew's hair speaks for itself)...

I can't believe that we leave for Family Camp in a week from today.  It's hard for me to wrap my mind around that with all that has been going on in our lives (Grace in the hospital, etc), will you please pray for our preparation, health, and hearts?  

Thank you and we love you!!!

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Kathy A. said...

After all he has been thru with Grace this year I think David is absolutely Father of the Year! I am amazed at his endurance, but then I shouldn't be because God is the provider of whatever we need in this life.

Now if David could just explain to me why people think soccer is exciting. To me its right up there with hockey, and maybe baseball too. I promise that I will watch the USA game today but I might doze off in the middle of it! Give me American football any day.

Have a great time at Family Camp!
Love, Aunt Kathy
ps. Please pray for decisions my sister and brother and I need to make regarding my parents. Thanks.