Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 8, end might be in sight...

This David- Praise God!!  Grace has had another great day today.  She woke up today and had her oxygen lowered to just .5 a liter.  Then, after she woke up from her nap she decided to pull off her nasal canulas herself, so the medical team decided to just let her leave them off and see how she would do on room air.  By God's grace, Grace has done great on room air today; therefore, it sounds like the plan is that as long as Grace does not require oxygen overnight, then she will probably be discharged tomorrow morning!  Will you please pray for God's will in this situation, which we hope is that she breathes perfectly fine on room air tonight?

"Look at me... no oxygen."

Grace got to go for a ride around the unit today, and loved it.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and walk with us through this experience!  Hopefully, tomorrow night's post will be written with everyone at home!

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