Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 9, taking the family reunion on the road...

Well, we didn't get to have a welcome home party today, so we took the party to Grace's hospital room!  My Mother-in-Love has come to our rescue once again and blessed us with her presence, and servants heart.  She brought the big kids to the hospital after Abigail got home from school and we got to have dinner, laugh, and play together in Grace's room.  What a sweet treat!

Grace celebrated our family reunion party with her first cheeto experience.  You can't tell in the picture (possibly because she's in a cheeto trance), but she loved them!  

Grace needs to show the Dr's that she can keep her oxygen up (>90%) while she's sleeping before she can come home.  Will you please pray that she would pass that test with flying colors tonight (and in the morning!) and that we can have a joyous welcome home party tomorrow (Lord willing of course...  we know His timing is perfect, even if it differs from ours :-).  THANK YOU!!!

GRACIE STRONG (in God's strength)

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