Thursday, June 5, 2014



We are all singing praises to the Lord for His faithfulness in bringing Grace and David home today!  While they weren't discharged in enough time to make Abigail's end of the year party, the kids couldn't have been more elated when they heard the doorbell ring and standing at the door was the piece of their (our) hearts that's been missing for the past 9 days!  I didn't get any homecoming pictures, but I did capture Grace making up for lost time...  She's finding all kinds of mischief to get into since being home!

It's hard to believe that this school year is over!  This has probably been the most difficult, and awesome, year of our lives thus far (did I mention character building ;-) and we have so many people at Campbell Elementary (and our neighborhood) to thank for carrying and blessing us in various ways through it all!

Best buds on the last day of 1st grade (Andrew finished pre-k two weeks ago)...

As I think I've mentioned before, we pray each year that God would hand pick the kids teachers because He, and only He, truly knows what they need to not just survive, but thrive from one year to the next.  This year being the special year that it was, with Grace having 3 open heart surgeries (in one school year) and all the craziness in between, God hand picked the most perfect teacher for Abigail (and the rest of our family) and threw in some rainbows, cupcakes, bows, and sprinkles on top.  Mrs. Hinz is (and will always be) a precious and priceless gift to our family (as well as Abigail's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gazaway, who also loved her SO well through so much transition).  

One of the sweetest treasures of this year is getting to see and hear stories about the bond Abigail has developed with her friends in the special needs class.  The genuine love that she has for these precious friends is just further evidence of one of many ways that God is using the blessing of having a sister with Up's to refine Abigail into the little girl he created her to be.  As much as Abby loves to invest in these wonderful children, they equally bless her (or maybe even more :-).

Thank you for praying Gracie and David home!  You are the best Village a girl could ask for!

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Elise said...

Praise God! I'm so happy. What a great way to start the day!