Monday, June 30, 2014

Appointment Results...

Thank you so much for those of you who have been praying for our girls' cardiology appointment today!  Praise the Lord that Abigail's heart looks good.  Her mitral valve is mildly leaky, but the anatomy of that valve and her aortic valve (I didn't even know that based on her previous echo, they were unsure if it was bicuspid or tricuspid... so glad I didn't know that prior to today) look "normal."  We don't have to follow up for 3 years to make sure that nothing has changed.  Grace didn't have an echo, but her exam went well.  Grace was sleeping during her exam (which I'm pretty sure is a first), so her Dr got a good listen of her heart and it was super quiet, which is a great thing!  Another huge praise is that, despite Grace having that super awful, nasty, terrible infection during the beginning of the month, she still gained a pound.  She's now tipping the chart at 19.5 lbs!  Of course, it would be uncharacteristic of Grace (and God :-) if there wasn't a bump on the roller coaster (just to make sure that our eyes are on Him and not our circumstances)...  when we went to change Grace's diaper after she got weighed and measured (and screamed her head off), we noticed the infamous DOTS on her tummy and back!  When I brought it to her Dr's attention we agreed that we should draw labs just to rule out leukemia (again).  Her labs came back looking very interesting...  the markers that they would look for to indicate leukemia weren't there, but a number of other findings left us scratching our head as to what it could be (one of which is the jump in her liver enzymes, etc).  It is our best guess that she is either still recovering from the super awful, nasty, terrible infection or has a new infectious process going on (she is definitely teething, but she could also have a cold).  We are going to redraw her labs in a week or so to see if things have resolved.  Will you please, please, please pray that all of Grace's numbers return to normal range and that leukemia wouldn't be discovered.  

Village, you are the best!  Thank you!!!

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