Sunday, May 4, 2014


Kristi has been extremely busy this week, so I will be filling in to write the blog update this week.  To begin, Kristi and I are in disbelief that Andrew is getting so close to beginning elementary.  On Friday, Andrew went to a kindergarten round-up at the elementary school and had his first taste of what will be a reality this Fall.  When asked what he is most excited about starting kindergarten, he said "riding the bus with Abby."

Abigail had another soccer game on Friday and it was so exciting to watch her hustle and score her best and most difficult goal of the season.  It was her first breakaway goal of the season and she had to work hard to get it!

We enjoyed going to a birthday party on Saturday at the Houston Zoo.  We had a great time with some friends from church and we were especially lucky that one of our friends works in the education department at the zoo and she gave us a personalized tour.  Thanks, Kelly!! Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

Abigail loves to come into a room and say "Word" with her arms crossed over each other and her hands doing something crazy (it almost looks like she's trying to throw some gang signs).  Kristi thought it would be a good idea to teach Grace how to do the sign as well, so now when we say "Word," Grace immediately crosses her arms with a big smile on her face.  Here is a picture of all three kids saying, "Word!!!"  We are just making sure that Grace's knows all the most important and applicable signs :-).

David has done a great job so far, but the last update needs a little extra sprinkles and fluff, so here I am :-).  We have been blessed with the opportunity to meet some super awesome families of children with Downsy Doo's and this week I had the pleasure of meeting a family that I had only previously known over e-mail and text message.  Their little sweetie, Presley, was in the hospital at TCH for a week after being born and since I work right next to TCH I got to visit them twice this week.  Not only did I fall in love with Miss Presley, but her amazing mommy and daddy have become such special friends that I trust we'll be friends for life; they are the type of people that you just can't get enough of.  Can't wait to get our whole families together...

Praying that y'all have a blessed week and know how much you, Village, are loved and appreciated!

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Julie Wigle said...

Word! I think I'll have to teach my kids to say that and throw some signs. Love how serious Andrew is! :)