Thursday, May 29, 2014


Well, in typical Grace fashion, this Divinely designed roller coaster is in full speed, heading for more bumps and loops :-(.

Shortly after I hit publish on the blog last night, Grace threw up (a lot) 4 times, had an explosive diaper that went up to her shoulders (sorry for the detail, but it's an impressive one), spiked a 102 temperature, was breathing super fast and working hard to breath (they had to double her oxygen), and she was super fussy anytime she was awake.  The resident said that these viral infections often peak at day 4 or 5 (which is where we are), but I'm still so worried about her.  

As I type this, David just texted and said that her cultures came back positive for parainfluenza 3.  I'm grateful to have confirmation and identification as to what she's battling, but there is still so much uncertainty as to how much worse it will get and how long it will last.  We are just grateful that this all happened in the hospital and not at home.  Will you please keep praying for all of us?