Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 5 and a glimpse of our joyful rascal...

SWEET VILLAGE...  Thank you for blowing up God's holy cell phone (He doesn't need cell service or a phone for that mater, but you get the idea :-) with prayer requests for our sweet Gracie Doo and the rest of our family.  Your prayers have been heard and felt!!!  I'm overjoyed to share some praises with y'all, so here we go...

-They didn't have to intubate or put Grace on cpap last night!
-David is no longer joining Grace in the sickie club (he's well!) and he got a decedent amount of sleep last night because Grace slept most of the night.
-Abigail and Andrew continue to be the best, sweetest and funniest distraction for this momma.
-I brought Grace a big bag of pirate booty yesterday (since that's our favorite snack to enjoy together) and she wanted nothing to do with it :-(.  I brought her a new bag today (because I ate her bag from yesterday, I love those things) and she was beside herself with excitement about them...

This bag was stuffed to the point that I could hardly close it, she would put one in her mouth...

...and immediately sign for "more"!
We finally had to cut her off because her little tummy hasn't seen food for 4-5 days now, so we didn't want her to over do it.

-Despite spiking a fever AGAIN this evening she was much happier today than she has been since beginning the battle with this NASTY virus.  We got to see glimpses of our joyful...

...little rascal that we know, love and have missed!

-We are SO grateful for our friends and family that have stepped in (and generously offered to help) to make sure Abby and Andrew are well cared for when both David and I are at the hospital or I'm at work.  You have blessed us more than you know!
-Lastly, they did an echo on Grace today just to make sure that there assumption has been correct, that her heart was in no way a concern.  I sat on pins and needles waiting for the results because that would have been devastation to hear that her heart was also giving her trouble.  God showed off in that, her heart looked the same as it did earlier this month (at her last cardiology appt) and the gradient across her mitral valve was even a little less than it was prior (3-4 vs. 6-8).  Now, one of the cardiology fellows did the echo (not an echo tech) because it's a weekend, so there's a chance that his lack of expertise (compared to an echo tech) may have meant that he didn't captured the best images, etc, but regardless...  we will take it and praise the Lord all day, everyday!!!

Will you please continue to pray for a quick and complete recovery for Gracie?  We know all to well that you can have a good day and then backslide the next with this NASTY virus, so we are praying diligently that everyday Grace gets exceptionally better and no more bumps. 

Thanks, love and (((hugs))) to you, Sweet Village!

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