Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update on our Sickie Doo and Abigail's award ceremony...

First of all, thank y'all so much for your texts and Facebook comments!  Just knowing that y'all are standing with us, praying us through this time blesses us more than you could possibly imagine!  

Grace is doing about the same as yesterday.  At this point the Dr's are confident that she's indeed battling a viral infection.  The blessing behind the viral infection is that they have ruled out it being heart related.  Huge praise because that's always our immediate and pressing concern.  The plan is to continue supporting her with oxygen and breathing treatments until she can maintain her oxygen saturations at 93 or higher without oxygen.  It has been a sweet treat to get to see some of the attendings and fellows that have cared for (or heard about) Grace at various crazy scary points along this journey (specifically the two times that they had to pull out the crash cart for Grace and we were most afraid of loosing her).  God certainly gets ALL the glory as they marvel at how good she looks and how amazed they are as to how far she has come.   In fact, the fellow that took care of Grace for the first 6.5 weeks of her life in the hospital, where Grace threw everyone for some crazy loops (that is when we first learned that Grace doesn't do anything by the book :-), stopped by at the end of the day to see Grace and say hi to David and I.  We loved getting to catch up with him, but the phrase that he must have repeated 10 times is what really made my day...  He kept looking at Grace with big eyes and saying "I can't believe how GREAT she looks!"  

Grace's face best explains how I feel inside when I hear positive comments from medical professions (positive comments aren't necessarily the norm :-)...

Yes, she's still in the same outfit as yesterday because... well, you see it's because her Daddy is responsible for that while they are in the hospital.  David can't be perfect at everything as it relates to caring for Grace, so we will overlook that she's on day 2 of her cute leopard pants :-).  Thank you David for being our rock ( in God's strength of course) through all the craziness!

Agh! David just texted that Grace has thrown up twice :-(  We are praying that she's just getting all of the mucous out of her system because kids can't cough it up like adults.  Will you please, please, please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for Grace with NO complications?  

Maybe you can also pray for David's healthy eating strategy...  he ran to the gift store to get a "snack" and this is what he came back with.  Our typical hospital diet is in full effect!

Andrew and I had a great time at Abby's award ceremony this morning, and David got to enjoy it on video!  

Way to go Abigail for making all "A" Honor Roll and getting a "Citizenship Award!"

We couldn't be more proud of our sweet angel for her academics, yes... but we are most proud of her character (which there are no awards for, but it sure matters to us :-).

Please keep the prayers coming, sweet Village!  We certainly feel them! (((hugs)))

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Julie Wigle said...

Praying for Gracie doo and that this sickness goes away quickly. At least the pants she continues to wear are cute!! ;) That David!