Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 3 of the in hospital battle with parainfluenza...

Again, I can't proceed without thanking each of you for covering us in prayer today!  Just reading each of your comments brings tears to my eyes because your prayers and support are practically tangible.  David and I are absolutely exhausted today (more on that in a minute), but seeing that so many of you are standing with us, covering us in prayer, encourages us as we get weary throughout the day.  Thank you for reminding us again and again that we aren't alone!

I'm desperate to slide into bed asap because I didn't get to bed until after midnight last night because I was on pins and needles waiting for updates from David about Grace's condition.  We would be on the phone talking and he would have to hang up on me to tend to Grace as she was throwing up, etc.  After finally getting into bed and falling asleep, I was startled out of bed, my heart jumping out of my chest, adrenaline shooting through the roof because there was a piercing noise that for a moment I mistook for our house alarm going off.  In that moment I was prepared to have to fend off an intruder before I quickly realize that it was not our house alarm (praise the Lord), but instead our evil smoke detectors!!!  Once I realized what it was, I anticipated the crew from the TV show "Punked" to jump out because never fail, our smoke detectors ONLY and consistently run out of battery when David is in the hospital with Grace, on a night that I'm completely sleep deprived and in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT...  NEVER in the middle of the day, but ALWAYS in the middle of the night!  It only took my Mother- in- love and I a few hours to gain our composure and figure out which 3 out of the 6 smoke detectors were chirping every couple seconds.  Then, wouldn't you know that I only had two new batteries, so the third smoke detector had to chirp all through the night and day until I got home from work and could replace it...  That's enough of that story, but you can imagine the kind of nights sleep that I got last night.  So, your prayers really did carry me through the day :-).

Grace was better today than she was last night, but she is still far from well.  This virus has kicked her booty!  However, one of the praises from the day is that the Dr's have said that Grace looks much better than most heart kids, fighting this type of virus (scary!).  Her fever is back up to 102,  she is super needy, sounds junkie, and is on less oxygen than she was last night, but still not close to coming off of the oxygen yet.  Our biggest prayer request is that she would not only recover quickly, but that it wouldn't turn into pneumonia and that she doesn't get a secondary infection, etc.  Please also pray for the kids heart (especially Abby) because she's really been missing Grace.  Lastly, David hasn't been feeling well (I think that he and Grace have a special daddy/daughter illness).  Praise the Lord that he's nowhere near as sick as Grace, but he could certainly use your prayers that he would recover quickly too.

Aren't these two sickies so stinkin cute?!?!

It's such a treat to work next door to Grace's hospital because I can sneak over throughout the day for some snuggles.


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