Sunday, April 27, 2014

Exhausted, but Grateful

I had a work meeting in Las Vegas for 3 days this week where I was reminded of a few things...

1)  I'm so very grateful to love my job and the company that I work for :-)

2)  I'm way too old to stay up past 1:00 am, especially when my body is still on Texas time (waking up at 4:30 am every morning is no bueno)

3)  While everyone survives at home in my absence, in a weird way it's nice to know that I'm missed...  not just emotionally, but you know in making sure kids practice spelling words, do homework, take showers, etc.  There is no question that David is a world class father and husband, but the Bible remains true.... a cord of three strands (Husband, Wife and God) is better than one (or two).

When I returned home on Friday night from my meeting, I was greeted by these two sweeties with cards, homemade crafts, hugs, kisses, and stories (all my favorite things :-).  

The thing that blessed me most though, was after the kids filled me in on how school went, etc, Andrew said "so Mommy, how did your meeting go?"  He was dead serious and waited with interest for my response.  After I thanked him for asking and told him a little about my trip, he went on to finish a craft that he was still working on and as he was pulling out additional supplies, he said "... and how was your flight, Mommy?"  That may sound insignificant, but despite Andrew being one of the most thoughtful little guys I know, I was still so blessed by his interest in how I was doing.

Love this boy and his sweetness...

HIGHLIGHTS from the weekend...

-Grace ate pizza and a hot dog for the first time.  I know these are not the healthiest of options, but they are new tastes and textures for her which is super-duper exciting for me.

-Grace has started making this gesture when she's trying to ask where someone or something is.  She does it all day, everyday and we love it.

-Grace's new favorite thing to do is to call "Sister," with great joy and excitement, and say "hi."    It sounds sort of like this "Titer...  Titer...  Titer...  HIIIII (with a big wave and smile)!"  She calls Andrew less often, most likely because he's always up in her face hugging, kissing, and playing with her.
 Sweet Sisters... 

-Abby had a soccer game on Saturday and her team did AMAZING (they have come such a long way)!  They beat (3-0) the team that had smoked them the last two times they played them.  Abby scored one of those awesome goals and I could cry that I didn't get it on video.  I'm so grateful for Abby's passion and determination!

Abby and McKenzie after the big win :-)

-Our sweet friends, The Sennott's, are moving back to California, so we had one last play date until we see them again (hopefully, this Fall when we, Lord willing, visit California).  Their son, Damian, is one of both Abby and Andrew's best buds, so they will be greatly missed!

-We had our first swim of the year at my parent's house.

Grace LOVED the pool and her floaty thing...

-We got to watch Grace's buddy Noah...

Andrew dressed up as Buzz for Noah...

Exhausted doesn't even begin to explain how I feel right now after such a busy week and weekend, but grateful certainly trumps the exhaustion!  God is so good!  That's all :-).  

Love and appreciate you, sweet village!  Thanks for continuing to hang with us on this journey!

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