Saturday, September 8, 2012

Details of our meeting with Grace's Surgeon...  This is the e-mail that David sent to our church family with the details about our meeting with the Surgeon this morning.  I'm pretty emotionally and physically drained right now, so my brain isn't really firing on all cylinders, that's why I'm just posting David's e-mail.  One of my dear friends had a perfect analogy for how y'all are are being used by God to lift us up during this time, she said, "Remember in Scripture how Hur and Aaron held up Moses' arms while the Isrealites were fighting?"  I want to thank everyone for lifting our family up in prayer while we are in this battle.  I wish I could reply personally to everyone's post, but please know how much your encouraging posts mean to us.

The surgeon met with Kristi and me this morning (Saturday), in order to discuss Grace going into surgery on Monday morning and the possible details of her surgery.  The only thing that will cause Grace's surgery to be delayed is if she has or develops an infection before the surgery.  She had a rough day yesterday and the doctor's were concerned that she might have an infection, but the initial results from some of the tests they conducted have come back negative for an infection; however, her white cell count is slightly high and if that continues to go up, then they might have to hold off on surgery until they can figure out why that is going up.  
            -Please pray for no infection, so that Grace is able to have her first surgery.
            -Please pray for peace and patience for Kristi and I on Monday (as the surgery will begin around 8:30am and not be done until late afternoon or early evening)
The surgeon did state that there is a 20% chance that Grace will not make it out of surgery and a 10% chance, assuming she makes it out of surgery, that she might not make it to her second surgery in 4-6 months.  
            -Please pray for God to strengthen and protect Grace during and after her surgery.
The surgeon stated that they are pretty sure what Grace's surgery will entail on Monday, but they are never really certain until they open her up and see first hand whats going on.  He also stated what the future procedure(s) usually entail for children with Grace's heart defects, which ultimately comes down to whether or not Grace's left side of her heart is big enough to function in pumping blood to her body, or if her right side (which usually pumps blood to the lungs) is going to have to do all of the work for her body and her lungs.  However, he also stated that since Grace has Down's syndrome she might not be a good candidate for some of the procedures that they would normally perform because Down's kids tend to have something different going on in their lungs and are less able to sustain some of the third surgery procedures. (I apologize, I am sure that was too confusing and too much information).
            -Please pray for God to continue to grow and strengthen Grace's left side of her heart (which the surgeon did state is possible)
            -Please pray for God to provide wisdom and guidance for the surgical team on Monday
            -Please pray for strength for Kristi and me as we seek to keep our eyes focused on God and in the present, not being concerned about what   tomorrow brings

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The Keierleber Family said...

pray away and just enjoy Grace- in every stage- even this tough one. You'll look back on it one day and see how God worked, etc. Praying for y'all!! I wish I could be there and sit with y'all on Monday- waiting rooms stink!