Thursday, February 23, 2017

CT Scan Update....

Just talked to Andrew's oncologist, here is what they found on todays CT scan:

-They found the primary source on his pancreas (it's 1.1 cm) and there are multiple lymph nodes that are cancerous in his belly.
-There is an enlarged lymph node on his aorta that we are praying is not cancerous also because that would open a whole other can of worms (it's near his heart, so they would have to operate in two different cavities of his body...  the belly and chest. That would mean it has spread further than we thought, etc)
-There are a ton of lesions on his liver, hence the reason for it being inoperable.

Our HUGE and urgent prayer requests right now:

1)  The surgeons feel comfortable and confident in removing the tumor on his pancreas and the effected lymph nodes.

2)  The lymph node near his aorta is NOT impacted (not cancerous).

3)  Wisdom for the Dr's

4)  God's peace that surpasses comprehension for our family.

Thank you SO much for your prayers, please, please, please keep them coming!



Kierstin said...

HI! Your family blog was given to me when I put on FB that our family is looking for 40 people/families to pray for during Lent. Will you let our family lift yours up and send you a special prayer card? You can email your address to me at
Blessings to you all.

Elise said...

Praying along side you ROSS family! He is able, more than capable, and is faithful to the end, to finish what He started! One of my favorite Mery Me songs. God is going to continue mighty works in Andrew's life!